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Top 5 Benefits of Retinol and Why You Should Use It


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 By: Alea Petersen 

You may be wondering why you should use retinol, but we’re over here wondering why you aren’t already. No matter your age, you can benefit from retinol. We believe in its power wholeheartedly! Only in rare cases can a person struggle to tolerate retinol. For most us, it’s the answer for younger, smoother, and clearer skin. That’s why this ingredient is considered the gold standard in skin care.

 It’s basic properties are natural and the benefits are numerous. So, we’re here to share what we believe to be the top 5 benefits of retinol. But we’ll take it one step further. We’re going to explain a little about how retinol works for YOU. Because you can’t believe everything you read online, right? We need scientific facts. We need to be knowledgeable of our health. The skin is the largest organ, after all. And we believe everyone should be mindful of what’s going on with it.

 Just in case you need a refresher. Simply put, retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A. It’s synthesized so you can apply it to your skin. When you do, your skin enzymes convert it into retinoic acid which, in turn, acts as a versatile communicator that connects with your skin cells, whatever their needs may be. Retinoid receptors or proteins found naturally in your skin participate in this conversion process too. Through the receptors, Vitamin A is released to your cells.

 All of this helps renew your skin. It stimulates your blood vessels, collagen production, and more. This may give you a clue about our first (and probably favorite) benefit of retinol that headlines our Top 5 List.


  1. Retinol for Anti-Aging

Although it wasn’t its original purpose, retinol has been recommended most by dermatologists for its wrinkle-fighting properties. This is because retinol helps you produce and maintain collagen which directly affects the strength and elasticity of the skin. Retinol strengthens your skin in a way that slows the breakdown of collagen. Retinol also helps to stabilize your cells. Stable cells = healthy cell function such as collagen production! Without this assistance, your cells get a little wonky with age. (Cue the sad violin music!)


Having the right amount of collagen in your face will make it harder for fine lines to appear. And great news! Retinol can even undo previous signs of aging in the skin too.


  1. Retinol for Fighting Acne

It not exactly an exfoliant, but Retinol acts similar to one. It’s more than topical; it works at the cellular level. But it also does a great job at breaking down dirt and old skin cells. It unclogs your pores, like a breath of fresh air for the skin. Pores are cleaner so skin looks clearer. It also creates space for other products to come in contact with your skin so they’re more effective.


  1. Retinol for a Great Complexion

We’ve got another side effect of getting older to share. With age, our skin cells don’t turnover– or renew– as quickly. And dead skin cells tend to pile up. It may seem counterintuitive, but retinol helps skin cells break down more rapidly which, in turn, accelerates skin renewal. New skin cells = brighter-looking skin!

Plus, age and sun damage can cause hyperpigmentation. But if you’re using retinol to normalize and renew the cells, it will likely diminish hyperpigmentation too, as your skin begins offering a defense against age and sun exposure. Retinol also stimulates blood vessels giving you that rosy complexion. What more could we ask for?!

  1. Retinol to Care for Serious Skin Conditions

In its effort to normalize cells, retinol disrupts unhealthy cell growth. This is helpful for people dealing with Psoriasis and other skin abnormalities. It can slow down or even entirely halt the build up of skin patches and the development of warts. Retinol can reduce inflammation which is especially important for painful skin conditions.


  1. Retinol for Improved Health

The skin most definitely impacts us holistically. You cannot be truly healthy if your skin is unhealthy. Skin affects heat regulation, immune responses, regulation of water and electrolytes, and so much more! A deficiency of Vitamin A, or retinol, can result in an excess of keratin causing rough skin or a lack of moisture causing severe dryness.


Using retinol– and always prioritizing your skin care– will absolutely contribute to your quality of life. There’s no doubt about it. If you’re not already, now’s the time to take advantage of these benefits. For other tips on skincare success, read this blog post where we offer advice for different stages of life.


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