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Pregnancy Skin

During pregnancy, you might notice changes in your skin that you have never seen before. Your skin type may change (maybe you were dry and now you’re oily, or all of a sudden you’re breaking out or experiencing uneven skin tone.) Your normal skincare routine might need a change. We recommend focusing on the following products to best address your skin’s needs during pregnancy.

If you have any questions about the use of any of our products during pregnancy, please consult your physician. If you have any questions about the concentration of a specific ingredient in any of our products, please contact

HydraBalance Brightening Moisture Infusion
Pro Strength
Light-weight Water gel Moisturizer that instantly brightens and hydrates

$ 13.00 - $ 36.00

LacticGlow Micropolish Resurface & Brighten Cleanser
Pro Strength
Gentle foaming & exfoliating cleanser powered with Lactic Acid

$ 32.00

HydraFirm + Brightening Serum
Pro Strength
Gel Serum that visibly firms, brightens and hydrates all skin types

$ 58.00

Mega Moisture Illuminating Night Cream
Pro Strength
Rich cream that rescues dry, dull & dehydrated skin

$ 42.00

Super C Body Bright Oil
Instantly brightens, deeply nourishes and rejuvenates skin

$ 14.00 - $ 28.00

Beauty Award Winner Product Badge
Reti-Glow Gentle Resurfacing Night Oil | Urban Skin Rx
Gentle Retinol alternative that gently exfoliates, brightens & hydrates

$ 23.00

Essence Best in Black Beauty 2020 Badge
Advanced Even Tone Day & Night Treatment
Pro Strength
High strength formula to treat dark marks day & night

$ 48.00

Beauty Award Winner Product Badge
SheerGlow™ Even Tone Daily Defense Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30
Pro Strength
Award winning for Best Sunscreen for Dark Skin Tones

$ 9.00 - $ 34.00

Even Tone Gentle Gel Cleanser
Even Tone
Gently cleans pores, removes makeup & brightens complexion

$ 16.00

Even Tone Barrier Repair Ceramide Cream
Even Tone
Hydrates, brightens & restores skin’s moisture barrier

$ 24.00

10% Niacinamide Oil Control & Smoothing Serum
gentle exfoliation, decongestion, and pore-tightening benefits

$ 22.00