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Why You Need an Ice Roller in Your Life

Ethnic young  woman using the Hydracool Calm & Correct Ice Roller to soothe skin irritated by acne

Happy Saturday, sisters! We’re here with more skin-spiration! (You like what we did there?)

Today, we want to talk about ice rollers. Have you experienced an ice roller before? It’s fairly self-explanatory what it is, but we want you to know why you need an ice roller in your life right now. 

 Maybe you’ve seen ice rollers show up in articles telling you about products that’ll “hack” your life. We’ve read those too. Experiencing an ice roller is definitely the kind of thing that can take your health and beauty to the next level. It won’t necessarily cure anything on its own. It’s an aid to your skin care routine and a treatment to help with certain problems. Not to mention, it’s a way to pamper yourself.

 You need an ice roller in your life right now because they are so easy to use and very affordable. You can use one on your face. You can also use it on other parts of your body, for instance, if you just worked out and you’re overheated or you have a sore muscle.

 If you’re prone to sensitive skin or redness, we recommend that you roll an ice roller over your face to soothe your skin. Many people have experienced a reduction in inflammation after using an ice roller.

 This same process also helps to minimize your pores for a smoother complexion. If you choose to roll it on your face after you’ve applied a serum, the cold temperature and the pressure of the roller can help seal the product in your pores and blood vessels.

 Some people have even used an ice roller over their temples when they had a tension headache. An ice roller has many great purposes!

 So, go ahead and try it here! You can reap the benefits of an ice roller right away. You only have to remember to place it in the freezer first. And, as always, wipe off your roller after each use.

We don’t think it will take long to get used to pressing this cold tool on your skin. But if you are a “cold-hater” that’s what warm drinks and blankets are for. And while you’re at it, pour yourself some cucumber water. Light some candles and do a foot soak too. You deserve a little pampering.

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