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What REALLY happens when you sleep with your makeup on?

We all know that going to sleep with a beat face is a bad idea but we don’t take into consideration exactly why; and no, it’s not just because of the makeup stains all over the sheets and pillow cases. Although you do want to wash your pillow cases regularly. Did you know that your pores open up more at night? So, whatever is left on your face at night before bedtime (like dirt, bacteria, makeup etc.) will get into your pores and possibly cause acne and breakouts. Not good! Just like everything else in your body, your skin needs to breathe too.

This can especially happen with enlarged pores which are one of those things that you can’t necessarily get rid of. You CAN minimize the appearance of large pores, but shrinking your pores down doesn’t actually happen. Due to a lot of makeup products having ingredients such as silicone which blocks pores, your skin tends to react and produce a bumpy feel says Debra Jalman Certified Dermatologist from New York.  Then there’s that issue of cell damage. Makeup can trap all kinds of things into your pores such as pollutants which help speed up the appearance of aging, and the breakdown of collagen.  

Leaving your makeup on at night means you can forget all about having that amazing glow that makes you look like you have a permanent snapchat filter face. Sleeping in the highlighters and make up products you apply during the day are definitely a big no no. Just like eating properly is important, we need to treat the things we put on our skin the same way. Read your ingredients or at least be mindful of giving your skin a good cleanse after the night is over. If you don’t, you may start to have dry and washed out skin.

We get it ladies! Sometimes we are just having one of those nights where hygiene and skin care is not top priority. We recommend cleansing your face twice with your cleanser or cleansing bar when removing makeup for maximum cleanliness.

If you have skin concerns and questions about correcting these concerns or the do’s and don’ts of skincare, then we have so many options for you. Let’s talk about your concerns in our Flawless Forum or you can chat with Camille during our live chat hours or call in to speak with an Urban Skin Rx Beauty Expert. Or, you can take the Urban Skin Rx Skin Quiz to find a personalized regimen for you!

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