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Top 5 Benefits Of Vitamin C

Orange and Blood Orange flat lay featuring Super C Brightening Serum
Whenever someone has tried one of our cleansing bars and they are wanting to add onto their skin regimen, but are hesitant to try several more products, I always always ALWAYS recommend the Super C Brightening Serum.  First of all, it can help with any of your skin concerns! You want to fight aging? Try the Super C.  You want to fade dark marks? The Super C will help! You have oily skin, acne and are struggling with a dull complexion? SUPER C! 
So what makes this product so amazing? It contains 20% ascorbic acid (vitamin c) which has multiple benefits to the skin. Here are the top 5 benefits: 
      1. Anti-Aging - Vitamin C slows the aging process and prevents wrinkle formation when used regularly.
  1. Collagen - Boosts collagen production in the skin allowing for development of glow, and helps firm the skin. 
  1. Scarring - Treats skin blemishes including acne scars, rashes, bruises and speeds up healing process. 
  1. Hyperpigmentation - Has dark spot correcting properties that help reverse dark marks. 
  1. Offers protection from UV rays - As an antioxidant, ascorbic acid neutralizes free radicals, which prevents them from harming healthy cells. Because of this combining your Super C brightening serum can aid in protecting the skin from UV damage. 

Everyone needs a Vitamin C Serum in their life, and though we might be biased, our Super C Brightening Serum is one of the best.  It didn't win an Essence Best in Black Beauty Award for nothing! 

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