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The benefits of at-home microneedling you need to know

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If the term “microneedling” is unfamiliar to you, then your initial reaction to our blog title may have been like the kid from Home Alone. You know where he screams while grasping his face with his hands. Lol! (Yes, we know we threw it back to the 90’s.)

But microneedling is not scary at all–even when you do it at home!

So, what is it? Microneedling involves a roller with .3mm-.5mm needles along its surface. Some aggressive rollers for the body may go up to 1.0mm. The needle length is equivalent to the thickness of a penny; so it’s very, very small. You hold the roller by its handle and roll it across the skin of your face or body.

Despite the use of needles, you don’t feel a puncture like you would if you accidentally poked yourself while sowing. The miracle of placing a bunch of needles on your face without the pain is similar to that weird toy made of steel pins you can make 3-D art of your hand or face with. (Another 90’s throwback!)

The Difference in Microneedling at Home

You may already know the amazing benefits of microneedling, such as:

  • It stimulates skin growth and cell turnover.
  • It boosts your production of collagen, making your skin firm.
  • It helps with exfoliation.
  • It improves uneven skin tone

But here is a very important benefit of at-home microneedling you should know. When you perform the technique yourself, you can pair it with your skincare products, especially serums, to enhance their effect.

Take an already great serum that uses active ingredients like peptides. When you use a microneedling device alongside it (either before or after applying the serum, or both!) you are helping your skin absorb the serum at an even greater level! Microneedling is proven to increase absorption by around 90%.

This powerful combo could not be achieved without microneedling at home. It’s recommended that you do microneedling at home around 1-2 times a week. It would be inconvenient to do this regularly through an office visit.

Although in-office microneedling is a more robust procedure, having a deeper impact on the skin than the devices used at home, a lot of research points to it being more effective to use at-home devices regularly than an in-office procedure a few times a year. Plus, in-office procedures can cost around 6x the price of having your own device. So at-home microneedling saves you money. That’s another important benefit!

How to Use Microneedling at Home

When used along with a serum, microneedling at home is known to improve wrinkles, skin aging, scars, age spots, hyperpigmentation, hydration and more! If you haven’t tried it before, we encourage you to give at-home microneedling a try. Make sure you check out our brand new roller device options here.

Here are a few important steps to remember. Don’t overdo the rolling. Only roll over an area of your skin 2-3 times in one session. Sterilize your roller after every time you use it. If you know know all this... you’re ready to get your roll on! 

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