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How to: Power your glow up with a consistent routine

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As silly as this may sound, everyone needs a consistent skincare regimen and if you are like me and struggle with sticking to a skincare routine, below are some tips that should help! These range from the basic, simple things to what we may overlook on a daily basis that could help us stick to and maintain a healthy routine.


  1. Keep all your skin care products in one place nice and neatly like you would with your makeup brushes. This will give you motivation to use them!
  2. Make your skincare products look welcoming. A nice vanity set up with your products is key!
  3. Set a reminder on your phone! It is always helpful to set reminders when trying to succeed in a daily skincare routine
  4. Make your cotton balls or toner wipes super accessible! You'll be way more likely to actually use them.
  5. Commit to the basics, even if you don't have time for every step of your routine, force yourself to stick to the basics. Especially when it comes to removing makeup every night before bed. You don't want that pimple to pop up in the morning on your forehead or cheek. Always remember that makeup can cause clogged pores and acne, as well as the long-term breakdown of collagen which can lead to premature aging. 
  6. If you're just really tired, trick yourself! When forcing yourself to do something consistently, tell yourself you will just wash your face and once you start it's super likely that you'll end up putting on that AHA gel or moisturizer. Always tell yourself if you want glowing and vibrant skin you have to get in routine and be consistent!

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