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Top 3 Lip Stick Shades to Rock This Christmas


Flat lay cosmetic background of four different lipstick shades and their matching swatches

The Christmas season is the perfect time to rock a festive– yet totally sexy– shade of lipstick. It’s great for trying something you wouldn’t normally wear to work or date night. Whether you wear the lipstick for a fancy party or just so you can capture the perfect candid photo in your pajamas at home on Christmas morning. We say, add a pop of flair! This time of year is special. You’re special. Embrace it!

But there are some shades we prefer over others. When most people think of Christmas decoration, they think of the typical red and green. Although there are a few makeup brands that make a pretty impressive shade of green lip color, we find it hard not to think of halloween makeup or the main character in the Broadway show, Wicked! So we’re sharing our top 3 shades of lipsticks we think you should rock this Christmas!

  1. Champagne Lipstick

In our humble opinion, this color choice is for when you wear gold or a fur vest or jacket to accessorize. Luckily, there a different spectrums of the champagne color. Some have more of a rose undertone while others have more of a true gold as the base of the color. If your skin tone is a darker, try a stronger shade of champagne that offers a lot of gold in it. If you are fair skinned, try a champagne lip color with rose undertone. But depending on what you’re wearing or the look YOU want, try whichever shade of the champagne spectrum you want. You do you, Boo Boo. But when you wear this lipstick, don’t forget to grab a glass of actual champagne for a toast with your friends this holiday season.

  1. A liquid metallic lipstick in burgundy or wine.

Hold off on the brighter, 1950’s-style red lipstick and go with something warmer, darker, and more majestic. Try a liquid metallic shade of burgundy or wine. This shade and finish reminds us of the bobble ornaments you hang on your tree. Those ornaments are so smooth and shiny you can almost see your reflection in them. And they really complete a Christmas tree. You can experience this same beautiful finishing touch to your holiday look with this choice in lipstick. We like this option. It’s vegan and cruelty free.

  1. Mocha or Chocolate Lip Stain

You don’t think of winter without thinking about hot coffee or hot chocolate that you drink by the fire. All year long, we like the mocha and chocolate shades in lip color as well as in eye shadow. But especially during Christmas, we think these shades just convey some of the best parts of the holiday. It makes you look bold while still conveying a calm and collected persona. So you can wear it to work before you head to your Christmas party afterward. And if you choose a lip stain, it will last you all day. If you drink several cups of coffee or hot chocolate, it shouldn’t dull the look of your lips either.

We hope you’re already having a fun, festive holiday season!


Written by Alea Petersen 

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