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Festive & Fitting Winter Makeup Tips

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We’re not trying to rush you into the winter season. We promise! But who says you can’t prepare for such a fun, festive time and make it your “hottest” looking season of the year, despite the cold temperatures it brings?!


So, we have a few winter beauty tips we want to share that will give you a festive look and that perfect winter glow. Try these winter makeup looks below. We’d love to know what you think of them.



  1. Jewel or Metallic Toned Eye Shadow– and Nail Polish to Match!

We don’t recommend trying Santa red or Christmas tree green for eye shadow. Obviously, you do you, Boo Boo. You’re free to try whatever you want. But for many people, those primary shades of color are just too harsh to look good.

As nail polish, those 2 traditional colors will work.

But if you really want to put a look together, match your nail polish with your eye makeup this holiday season. For that, we recommend finding a nice shade of emerald, amethyst, gold, or silver as well as other tones from the jewel or metallic color palette.


Those colors look great from day to night wear, since we all know it gets darker earlier in the winter. Let’s imagine you’re at a holiday party. Those shades of eye shadow will shimmer beautifully on you while you stand near the twinkling lights on a Christmas tree. That eye shadow would look great with a black dress if it’s a fancy party. Honestly, it will look good with almost any outfit– unless it’s an ugly sweater party!


  1. Love Your Highlighter
    Take a break from the bronzer during the winter. Focus more on using a highlighter with gold or silver undertones. This makeup attracts light to your face, brightening your look and giving you a happy glow. Perfect to go with those Christmas lights we already mentioned! Of course, a highlighter helps with contouring too. And if you’re eating and drinking holiday treats that may make you look puffy, you can help counteract that appearance with contouring.

    To choose between a highlighter with gold or silver undertones, use the jewelry test. Does gold jewelry or silver jewelry fit you better? Which one do you choose most? The color of your highlighter should match that answer. Notice how gold and silver pair well with the shades of eye shadow we’ve already recommended to you.


  1. The Right Products to Keep your Skin Hydrated
    One of the best looks you can have this winter is hydrated skin! Many people will fight hard to have that because skin tends to be drier when the air is cold and humidity is low. So, if you’re wondering what’s in style this winter? Hydrated skin is in! Any makeup you wear will look much better if your skin is healthy. Your skin will be supple and should have a more even tone if it has the proper amount of moisture.

    If you need all hands on deck to help your skin this winter, check out the skincare tools we offer specifically for fighting dryness. We also offer a product just for hydrating your lips. Just in time for a kiss under the mistletoe?


  1. Change Up Your Foundation and Embrace the Liquid.
    Whether you pair it with your foundation or replace it altogether for the winter, you’d be smart to use moisturizing primers and BB cream as the first step in your makeup routine this time of year.

    If you do wear foundation all year long, you may want to change up the shade from what you wore during the summer. Most people are a few shades darker then because of greater exposure to sun. Even if your skin color is not noticeably different to you right now, you’d be surprised how a shade of foundation looks when you’ve had even the slightest tan versus when you’ve been stuck indoors after some really cold days.

    As we mentioned before, because skin is drier in winter, it’s best to use liquid versions of your foundation and primer makeup. You want to create a dewy look (Highlighter helps here too!) You don’t have to create that in the summer. You were probably blotting excess oil and sweat from your face at that time. But in the winter, you want to shine! Embrace the shimmer! Go for the glow!

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