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Our luxury, professional-strength skincare collection. These high-performance formulas were initially created by Rachel Roff, our founder and medical aesthetician, to use on patients at her medspa during professional treatments. This specific collection from Urban Skin Rx delivers blends of our highest levels of active ingredients formulated to address the most common concerns of diverse skin tones. Pro Strength by Urban Skin Rx is sold exclusively through our website ( and other professional medspas around the world.

Award-winning clinical skin care for diverse skin tones
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Dark Spots/Uneven

Acne/Oily Skin Dark Spots/Uneven

By now, you may be aware that acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. But did you know that researchers are learning that acne may affect people of color at a higher rate, especially when taking post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation into account? It’s true! According to a 2010 study - yes, it’s time for a major update - clinical acne was more prevalent in African American and Hispanic women (37%, 32% respectively) than in Continental Indian, Caucasian and Asian (23%, 24%, 30% respectively) women. Who knows what those numbers look like now?! A much more recent study conducted...

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Dark Spots/Uneven Skin Care Routine

During the winter months, it’s completely normal to miss the radiant skin you sported during the long days of summer. The last thing you need to put a damper on your day are dark spots. These dark spots often scattered throughout the face and body that may have become a part of an everyday skincare struggle for some, can be embarrassing and hide the beautiful skin that lies beneath the surface. If dark marks are negatively affecting your appearance, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Continue reading to learn more about the causes of dark spots and...

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Dark Spots/Uneven Sensitive Skin

  In the Glam Gap clip below, African American professionals from media to dermatology explore how dermatologists and skincare pros often overlook the need for specialized African American skincare. Fortunately, as awareness of the gap in skincare products that serve a diverse range of skin tones spreads, companies like Urban Skin Rx (celebrated in the video) step into the limelight. Check out this episode of BET’s digital original, The Glam Gap or read on to learn more. “Part of the reason why African Americans, in particular, weren’t finding products that were created specifically catered to their unique skincare needs [was]...

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Dark Spots/Uneven Skin Care Routine

Are you embarrassed by troublesome bacne? Do you struggle with dry, itchy skin all over your body? It may be time to consider adding a few steps to your usual skincare regimen. A proper skincare routine isn’t just reserved for your face. In fact, if you want to achieve the ultimate glow, you should incorporate products that will enhance the appearance of your skin from head to toe. Now, thanks to Urban Skin Rx, you can “dare to bare” every square inch of your skin with a product line that’s designed to restore, rejuvenate and relieve your skin. Here are...

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Dark Spots/Uneven Skin Care Routine

After a long day at work, you’d probably love to drive straight from the office to the spa for a relaxing treatment. Unfortunately, time and money can often get in the way. If those are dilemmas you face, I’ve got great news! Thanks to Urban Skin Rx, you can now add a spa-level treatment to your skincare routine. The Dermapeel Smooth & Glow Treatment is a two-step system designed to eliminate fine facial hair, remove dead skin cells and help treatment serums or peels penetrate the skin deeper. So now when you’ve had a long day, you can swap girls’...

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