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Can Lactic Acid and Niacinamide Be Used Together?

woman using Lactic Acid and Niacinamide

Lactic Acid and Niacinamide are some of the most potent, effective skincare ingredients on the market — but can they be used together? Read on as we explore how these ingredients work and whether or not you can use them together. 

What Is Lactic Acid?

Lactic Acid is an ingredient that can help combat wrinkles, age spots and hyperpigmentation. Lactic Acid comes from milk and is in the family of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). Your skin could experience peeling effects from Lactic Acid, but it is still technically considered a mild AHA. This ingredient can help the skin to look brighter and have a more even tone.

Lactic Acid can help with the overall tone and texture of your skin and reduce pore size. Using Lactic Acid is not typically recommended if you have very sensitive or damaged skin. You should also use caution if you experience rosacea or eczema. Although Lactic Acid can help with texture, it can be harsh on more sensitive skin. 

What Is Niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a type of vitamin B-3 that can help the skin in many ways. One of the main ways Niacinamide can help is by minimizing the appearance of blemishes.

Here are just a few other benefits of using Niacinamide in your skincare:

  • Minimizing redness or discoloration
  • Maintaining balanced oil production
  • Supporting the skin during sun exposure
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Most products that include Niacinamide are serums, but this ingredient can be found in other products as well.

Although Niacinamide can be considered more gentle, it can be smart to try it out in small amounts at first, especially if you have more sensitive or blemish-prone skin. 

Is It Safe To Use These Lactic Acid and Niacinamide Together?

Niacinamide and Lactic Acid can be used together, but it is wise to try very small amounts of each ingredient to begin with.

Since Niacinamide and Lactic Acid can both be harsh on some skin types, the two together could be harmful, especially if you have sensitive skin, rosacea or eczema. Additionally, if you have acne or broken skin, these ingredients could be drying or damaging to your skin. 

Products at Urban Skin Rx® To Try

Products Containing Lactic Acid

Here are a few products that we offer that contain Lactic Acid! If you are looking for more products that contain Lactic Acid, simply search “Lactic Acid” in the search bar on our website!

  • LacticGlow Micropolish Resurface Brighten Cleanser - This product contains a particular blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, and Malic Acid, as well as Jojoba Beads, which gently cleanse and polish skin without causing irritation, revealing a brighter, fresher, and healthier-looking complexion.

    This hydrating and brightening solution is moderate enough to apply twice a day and helps the appearance of rough texture and blemishes. To clarify skin tone, exfoliate, and speed up your skin's natural renewal process, use this cleanser daily.

  • HydraBalance Brightening Moisture Infusion - This cream is light and moisturizing at the same time. With Hyaluronic Acid, a deep moisturizing ingredient, and a brightening peptide combination with Oligopeptide-68, this moisturizer is your daily (or more often) hydration boost for a youthful glow. Also decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves the appearance of aging skin! 

Products Containing Niacinamide

If you’re interested in Niacinamide, we have you covered there too. Here are some of our Niacinamide-rich faves:

  • Witch Hazel Brightening pH Balancing Toner - This toner is a must-have if you want to improve the outcomes of your everyday regimen! This mixture brightens skin, balances pH, and reduces the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. According to studies, applying your other skincare products after a toner allows them to absorb more deeply.

  • Acne and Blemish Control Mask - This super-charged treatment mask combats acne, prevents future outbreaks, and lightens the look of acne-related dark spots. Sulfur drains excess oil that contributes to breakouts, while Niacinamide helps sensitive skin look better. Salicylic Acid eliminates blackheads and lowers the appearance of pores for a clearer complexion.

Products Containing Both Lactic Acid and Niacinamide

Looking to try out the Lactic Acid and Niacinamide combo? Here are our recommendations:

  • Even Tone Super Glow Serum - This product is the key to unveiling your fantastic glow since it targets dark spots, wrinkles, and sun damage.

    A robust dose of antioxidant L-Ascorbic Acid, aka Vitamin C, increases brightness, battles the appearance of hyperpigmentation, swerves free radical damage, and pushes youthful-looking skin to the surface with an enhanced power combination of chemicals.

  • Dark Spot Rapid Repair Retinol Treatment - High concentrations of Retinol, Kojic Acid, and Niacinamide are used in this product to reduce hyperpigmentation, post-acne spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. This product is wonderful for lightening dark spots, minimizing skin discoloration, and reducing the appearance of pore size and sun damage!

To find more products containing these ingredients, feel free to look up ingredients in our search bar or search for the specific skin concern you are experiencing. If you are looking for more skincare that counteracts redness, hyperpigmentation, acne or dark spots, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to help! 

Looking for Advice?

If you’re still having difficulty navigating which products are right for you, we’ve got you covered. If you have a lineup but need some help targeting a specific skin issue, we can help you there too!

To start, we recommend taking our skin quiz. This quiz will walk through the details of your skin and help us decide which products would suit your skin and align with what you need. Also, if you take our skin quiz, you can receive 20% off of your order!

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On top of our skin quiz and virtual consultations, we also have options to contact us through chat, phone or email! We know that deciding on skincare and finding the right products can be difficult and overwhelming. We want to do whatever we can to make this an easier process for you, and we are thrilled to help at any step along the way. 

In Conclusion

While Lactic Acid and Niacinamide can be used together, it is wise to use them cautiously, especially upon first use. If you are trying to target specific skin concerns, it could be wise to use one at a time to see if they work well alone to combat the issue. If you have sensitive skin, it could be risky to start with both products at the start. As for any products or ingredients, a trial run can be helpful to see if it is right for you.

As always, we are here to help you decide which products would work for you and which would be the safest for your skin. We work hard to make skincare that is for all skin tones and textures, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you select your ideal skincare items. You don’t have to wonder which products are best for you; we’re here to offer expert advice and help with whatever concerns you have!

Take our skin quiz today, or schedule a virtual consultation! We’ll be here for you!

By: Ivey Rogers Aesthetician Educator & Community
Engagement Manager