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Should You Roll Crystals Into Your Skincare Routine?

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In 2019, you can’t go to a yoga studio or a massage parlor without hearing something about the benefits of natural stones or crystals. What we used to view as decorative objects have quickly become the center of attention for spiritual healing, energy channeling/expelling, and now even skincare.

While essential oils are far from being a thing of the past, crystal rollers have become just as trendy in skincare. What is a crystal roller? Glad you asked. A crystal roller is a facial beauty tool featuring a handle with two crystals on each end. One end has a small polished, round crystal, and the other has an ovular, polished crystal. The first is used on smaller areas of your face such as under your eyes and nose. While the latter is used on flatter surfaces such as your forehead and cheeks.

How does it work? By rolling the tool over your face as demonstrated in the directions usually accompanying the product, you are stimulating lymphatic drainage, which reduces the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles. Additionally, crystal rollers are believed to increase blood flow and oxygen, leading to the revitalization of one’s complexion.

Is your interest peaked? Don’t get overwhelmed when you type “crystal roller” into a Google Search (which will return a whopping 11,300,000 results). The three most popular types of crystal rollers that are hot commodities in today’s skincare market are jade, rose quartz, and amethyst. Keep it simple and start your crystal rolling journey by exploring those three first. Read more to discover the proposed benefits of each.

The Benefits of Jade

Jade is arguably THE most popular crystal you’ll find attached to a crystal roller. Across the world, jade has been recognized in spiritual practices as a stone of purification and nourishment. In skincare, jade enthusiasts believe it’s highly calming properties encourage lymphatic drainage, reduce appearance of wrinkles and decrease skin irritation.

The Benefits of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has become highly recognized for its purported energy associated with the emotions of love and beauty. In skincare, its “emotional” properties are said to alleviate stress in the skin, which can have a positive impact on fine lines and wrinkles while also fighting toxins and negativity.

The Benefits of Amethyst

Last, but certainly not least, is amethyst. Said to have the power of protection, crystal lovers believe that amethyst can ward away negativity reducing one’s stress level. When applied to skincare, the energy of amethyst seems to combat high-stress skin issues such as blemishes, inflammation and hormone imbalance.

Which “talisman” will you roll into your skincare routine? You can find affordable crystal rollers at vendors like Amazon or TJ Maxx. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re purchasing a roller with a genuine crystal - otherwise, you’re wasting your time. And if you can’t choose just one, you’re in luck; there are a few 3-in-1 products that will allow you to cycle between your jade, rose quartz and amethyst crystals!

Bonus Tip: This method of facial massage can be used to compliment your current routine of applying a daily moisturizer or anti-aging cream. After you apply your facial cream, use your crystal roller to continue to massage in the product and iron out unwanted wrinkles. Increase the effectiveness of your skincare routine by doing it in the morning and at night.

Still not convinced? Like my mother always says, “Don’t knock it, ‘til you try it!”

(Keep in mind: crystal roller testers often encourage users to store their rollers in the fridge after cleaning and in between uses. At cooler temperatures, the rollers tend to be more effective.)


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