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Five Benefits of Kojic Acid

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What is Kojic Acid?

Kojic Acid is derived from different fungi such as mushrooms and is also a by-product of the fermentation process of sake, soy sauce, and Japanese rice wine. In the food industry, Kojic acid is often used as a natural preservative…which in a way makes sense that some of the cosmetic benefits can be like preserving your skin.


Here are five potential benefits of this unique ingredient used in skincare.


 1. Anti-fungal Properties: Though Kojic Acid is derived from fungi, it may be useful in fighting fungal infections like candidiasis, ringworm, or athletes foot.


2. Mighty Melasma and Dark Spot Fighter: Melasma is a common skin problem causing dark patches usually on the face. Kojic Acid can be helpful in improving the look of your skin due to melasma, sun damage, or other forms of hyperpigmentation."


3. Scar Therapy: Kojic acid may also reduce the pigmentation of scars. Although the acid does not improve the texture of scar tissue, it may reduce dark coloration associated with certain types of scars, making it less noticeable.


4. Anti-Aging: Because Kojic Acid may lighten the skin and improve the appearance of age spots and sun damage, it’s a good ingredient to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.

5. Anti-Bacterial: Kojic Acid also may fight off several types of bacterial strains, which make it helpful in decreasing the chances of bacterial infection flair ups on the skin.


Though some skin-types can be sensitive to Kojic acid, the benefits seem to be a powerful contributor to correcting bothersome discoloration issues and fighting bacteria and fungal infections.


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