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One Woman’s Grind is Another Woman’s Glow

three women coffee scrub in bath

How Your Morning Coffee Grounds Can Transform Your Skincare Regimen

For most of us, coffee is a non-negotiable in the morning. For me, missing my morning caffeine means I’m behind the eight ball for the rest of the day, and there is NO time for that. But are we selling ourselves short if all we’re doing is drinking our coffee? In much the same way your morning joe perks you right up, those leftover coffee grounds will do the same for your skin. So think twice before you dump the contents of that filter, French press or that reusable K cup, because you could be missing out on an opportunity to gas up your glow.

When put to good use, those discarded grounds will exfoliate, sloughing away dead cells and revealing new healthy skin. Be sure to limit your exfoliation practice to your body when it comes to these coffee grounds. The skin on your body, when compared to your face, is much more resilient and therefore better suited for the more abrasive exfoliation provided by coffee. When used on the very sensitive skin on your face, coffee exfoliation may result in micro-tears that can be damaging and painful. But keep reading, and we’ll give you an easy tip to allow you to reap the benefits of coffee on your face without the risk of damage from overly abrasive exfoliation.

Benefits of Caffeine for Skin

Prepare to say goodbye to uneven skin tone when integrating coffee into your skincare regimen. Rich amounts of caffeine brighten and promote the elasticity of your skin, while coffee’s diuretic properties and abundant antioxidant agents flush toxins and increase collagen production to give skin that youthful bounce back we all crave. And did you know that caffeine may just be your secret weapon in the war against cellulite? Studies have shown that skincare products containing caffeine, especially scrubs, stimulate dilation and increase blood flow, giving skin a plump fullness while reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Coffee for Dark Circles

But wait… there’s more. If you are like me and your under-eyes tell all your business – from stressful days to sleepless nights – consider this easy trick to reduce eye bags and dark circles under eyes. Saturate a cotton pad with the moisture from your used coffee grounds and place it under your eyes for 5-10 minutes. Then sit back and let the magic happen. Coffee is an anti-inflammatory, which makes it the perfect 1-2 punch to get rid of the puffy or droopy appearance of under-eye bags. Its brightening quality will also help to reduce or eliminate the aforementioned corpse bride vibes resulting from dark circles under your eyes.

In my experience, there’s nothing more accessible and sustainable than skincare that blends seamlessly with your established daily routine. So try some of these tips (today!) and incorporate them into your weekly skincare regimen. As with all things, consistency is key, but the before and after results are sure to shock you! Let’s all wake up and smell the coffee. There’s no reason to let your grind get in the way of your skin’s shine!

Written by: Antonia Cooper

Image Source

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