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Top Foods To Help Improve Your Skin


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At some point in our lives, we all come to a point where we are either concerned with what's going with our body, or with our skin. We want clearer skin, we all of a sudden have acne, we've gained weight, we don't feel our absolute best, the list goes on. What some fail to recognize is that to care for your skin correctly, you must think of your body as whole. Your skin is a direct reflection of what is going on with your body. Did you know that break outs in the forehead area are related to your digestive tract? You'd be amazed at how quickly acne resolves in that area when you decrease your dairy, sugar and fatty food intake. 

Anytime you are dealing with not-so-perfect skin, think to yourself: "Am I eating fresh, healthy food? Am I drinking enough water?" As food get digested, it gets broken down into vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help your body build healthy skin. By eating the wrong foods, your skin fails to slough off the necessary dead skin and start a cellular turnover process as it's supposed to. Which then in return causes break outs, clogged pores and more skin issues.
Take a look at these foods below to see what are some great options to help improve your skin:
-Flax Seeds
These foods contain fatty acids that help strengthen the cell walls of your skin. By strengthening your cellular walls, it allows your skin to hold more hydration. This is what makes your skin smooth and soft!
Instead of snacking on chips, try snacking on a flax seed cracker or some crunchy walnuts. Also try to incorporate foods that will help build your collagen! These foods are high in Vitamin C which helps brighten and tighten the skin:
-Bell Peppers
-Citrus Fruits
The most important thing your skin needs is sun protection! Everyone needs an SPF moisturizer. EVERYONE! These foods are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect your skin from sun damage.
At the end of the day healthy nutrition and eating habits will surely show through your skin and overall health. What you put in your body is only half the process.
Imagine the glow you could have not only using our products but by also be more conscious of your nutrition and eating choices.
Be a glow-getter and make that change!

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