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5 Safe Ways to Start a Detox Diet

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The keys to a successful detox are to stay well hydrated, exercise regularly and eat clean, whole foods that provide the nutrients your body needs to function optimally.There are a number of vegetables and fruits and let's not forget herbs that can help to support detoxification. Below are 5 additional and major steps to make your detox a success. Each one has specific components that aid detoxification while helping to boost the immune system and prevent chronic disease. Try incorporating these steps into your day to day life to support your body during the duration period.


  1. Drink 500 ml of water when you wake up in the morning. This will kick your metabolism into gear. Also consider adding fresh fruit such as lemon juice for flavor and liver support.



  1. Increase your overall water intake to between 2.5 liters and 3.5 liters including the water from both foods and beverages. Eating fruits and veggies with a high water content can help reach this goal! Try eating more cucumber, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli, watermelon with the seeds, strawberries, cherries and oranges.



  1. This is a tough one but hey! Cut out all sugary drinks including sodas, fruit juice drinks, sport drinks, sweetened coffee, teas and energy drinks.


  1. Increase your intake of deep leafy green vegetables such as spinach, arugula, or mustard greens, These types of vegetables aid in the absorption of environmental toxins as well as providing a source of fiber that supports the digestive system.



  1. Sleep is a vital component of successful detox. Ensure you get about eight hours of shut-eye each night as this is the time when the body works to repair damage it has sustained.  

 Happy detoxing!

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