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3 Ways to Achieve an Ageless Glow

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While your grandmother may not know the latest beauty trends, she probably has some secrets to pass along to help you preserve your youthful spirit. Today we’re teaming up with grandma to serve some tips to keep your self growing and glowing.


  1. Hydrate inside and out: While we might remember to bathe our skin regularly, it’s good to remember our insides need a bath too! Making sure you drink enough water can have wondrous affects on your skin. Imagine the difference between a grape and a raison. Dehydrated items, wrinkle and dry out much like aged skin, so one of the best ways to stay “young” is to internally hydrate! Once you’re in the routine of internal hydration, AKA drinking plenty of water, you can add steps to externally hydrate for that plump, dewy skin. Toners and mists can be added before applying your serums, oils and moisturizers. Another secret some beauty aficionados swear by is having a humidifier during the night, to keep hydrated especially during those cold and dry seasons.



  1. Self-care & Skincare Routine: Part of cultivating your mind, body and spirit is through taking the time to take care of yourself. Slow down and create an evening routine, starting with a skincare regimen. Then clear your mind, read a book or take a few minutes before bed to focus on calming yourself with gratitude and thankfulness. Building a routine can help center your thoughts and provide predictability even to hectic days. Keeping up with a skincare routine and committing to it, will also provide the best results for the products you invest in, and is an easy way to begin the journey to self-care in under a few minutes.



  1. Exfoliate, Skin & Feelings: Just like you might need to shake off memories of exes, frustrating texts, or past mistakes and drop that dead weight, you regularly need to get those dead skin cells off so that the brand new you can shine through. Exfoliating your skin increases blood flow and gives you that glow! There are many ways to exfoliate with USRX products. But don’t stop there, take a moment to get rid of toxic thoughts and old habits that aren’t serving you so your spirit can sparkle too.


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