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Lifestyle Changes For Keeping Sensitive Skin Healthy

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Keeping your skin looking good can’t be solved by just slathering on facial products every evening. A great deal of it entails making lifestyle choices that promote skin health. If you have sensitive skin, this becomes all the more important since small shifts in your lifestyle can easily result in breakouts, dryness, or large pores and this skin condition can happen to anyone at any age. Simple things like not getting enough sleep or eating sweets before bed could result in blemishes appearing on your face. Today we’ll be looking at the different lifestyle changes you can make to help keep your sensitive skin clear and healthy. 


In our feature ‘3 Ways to Achieve an Ageless Glow’ we reminded you to hydrate both inside and out. We all know it’s important to bathe regularly, but we often forget that our insides need regular baths too. Any skin expert will tell you the importance of drinking a lot of water for pimple-free, healthy, and gorgeous looking skin. In the same way that dehydrated things get wrinkly and dry, you don’t want that happening to your skin. People with sensitive skin may experience dryness more often, and it’s not easy to reverse. A good tip is to keep a water container with you wherever you go, and remember to take regular glugs out of it every so often.

Regular exercise

The Guardian details how exercising regularly can help keep us younger for longer. This is because regular exercise is one of the keys to healthier skin. Keeping active is especially important for people with skin problems like acne, psoriasis, or rosacea. When you do activities that increase blood flow and circulation, your skin cells are nourished, which lessens irritation and skin problems. Blood flow also helps in flushing out cellular debris from your system, another way of cleansing your skin from the inside.

Healthy eating 

Eating sugary food before bedtime can spike our blood levels and increase inflammation, making us prone to conditions like acne. On the other hand, eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day protects our skin from cellular damage. Fruit and veggies are sources of vitamins C and E, which protect us from age spots and skin cancer. The best way to make this a habit is to create healthy meal plans that you can follow especially during weekdays. Preparing packed meals for yourself every morning can also help you stick to the routine especially if you’re usually out during the day. This can help you avoid reaching for that late night sugary snack before sleeping.

Regular sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases a stress hormone called cortisol. High levels of stress in the body can cause inflammation, which can lead to psoriasis or acne especially for individuals with sensitive skin. Moreover, if you already have bad skin, not enough sleep will only make it worse. Everyday Health equates less sleep with the breakdown of collagen in your body, which is responsible for giving your skin its glow. Thus having regular sleep patterns has a great effect on keeping sensitive, acne prone skin healthy and clear. 

Lifestyle changes like eating healthier, dieting, and exercising regularly can also lead to long-term health benefits such as the prevention and mitigation of chronic illnesses. This is good news, especially considering how Maryville University reveals that more than 164 million Americans (almost half the U.S. population) are expected to be affected by chronic illness by the year 2025. While these lifestyle changes can help you from falling ill due to a chronic disease in the long run, they will also keep your sensitive skin looking radiant and acne-free. Given the plethora of benefits, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t adopt these habits ASAP.

Written by: Amanda Brown

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