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In WHAT Order? The perfect guide to all your skin care questions!

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Some of the most common questions we get, pertain to when to apply products.  Should you apply your moisturizer before or after your serum?  When should you apply sunscreen?  Does a toner have to be used after you cleanse?  These are some of the burning questions. Keep reading to find out all the tips and tricks you need to become a pro at layering!  

You may have some products at home that you love but are not sure when to apply.  You want to get the most out of your hard-earned money but it all seems soooooo confusing.  For the best results, always start with a clean face, making sure that all traces of makeup have been removed.  This will ensure that your products absorb completely.  After cleansing, apply a toner that is suitable for your skin.  Some people choose to skip toner which is perfectly fine however, a toner can have added calming and healing properties that may benefit you if you suffer from sensitive skin.  If you opt for a toner, try the Urban Skin Rx Ph All Skin Balance Toner.

Once you have toned your skin (if you chose to do so) it’s time to move on to the rest of your routine.  You might feel tempted to mix multiple products together to apply to the face all at once for a quick application but did you know that runs the risk of diluting the active ingredients of each product?  It’s much more effective to apply your products one at a time, allowing them to sink into the skin before moving on to the next. You’ll be surprised at the difference a little patience can make! 

A little rule of thumb you can use to think about layering, is to always apply your products in order of thinnest to thickest.  Antioxidants and sunscreens are best suited for use in the morning as these protect your skin from sun exposure during the day.  Pigment correctors and retinoids should be avoided during the day as these increase your skins sensitivity to the sun and can increase hyperpigmentation. 

Now let’s bring it all together!...

In the morning, after washing and toning, apply your antioxidant serum.  A great product to use here would be Urban Skin Rx’s Super C Brightening Serum.  It combats and reverses the signs of aging as well as helps to fade the appearance of scars.  Once you have applied your antioxidant serum, finish off with a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.   At night, repeat your cleansing and toning process.  Next, if you choose, you can add a thin layer of serum that contains hyaluronic acid and/or collagen.  After that, apply your correction cream (Urban Skin Rx’s Even Tone Night Treatment would be great here), followed by your favorite night time moisturizer.  If you want to layer up multiple serums or moisturizers, keep the same rule of thumb in mind and apply in order of thinnest to thickest.   

There you have it!  The mystery has been solved!  You should no longer feel overwhelmed or confused when it comes to knowing when to apply your skincare.  Just reference the rule of thumb and know that no matter what, skin care should be enjoyed and not stressed over!  Happy Layering!!!

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