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10 Simple Steps To Get More Even-Toned Skin

woman applying makeup

We love an amazing foundation as much as the next person. There’s almost nothing better than finding your perfect match, makeup that blends perfectly with your skin tone and hides even a hint of imperfection, all while giving you a healthy, natural glow. But the keyword here is almost. Do you know what’s better than the perfect foundation?

Not even needing it because your skin looks even on its own!

If you’re all about that low maintenance, “woke-up-like-this” life but still want the even-looking coverage you get with the perfect foundation, it’s all about skincare. And if your skin isn’t naturally even, or you struggle with dark marks and blemishes, or even if you just have some uneven texture to your skin, there are several steps you can take to make sure your skin is giving you its best glow.

Step One: Hydrate

Technically, hydrating can come at any point in your routine. In fact, it should happen throughout! It’s so important to stay hydrated when it comes to getting your glow on.

Thirsty skin is dry and dull — but if you’re drinking more than enough water, it’ll hydrate you inside and out. Making sure your body isn’t even wanting water will go a long way toward keeping you healthy, preventing signs of aging and giving you the luminous skin you deserve.

Step Two: Think About Your Diet

When thinking about how to even the look of your skin tone and keep your skin healthy overall, it’s easy to get caught up in the products you can apply to your skin and forget about all of the ways you can enrich your complexion from within.

You may remember this from that terrible time in your teenage years where you realized that while you may have the freedom to eat all the sweets you dreamed of as a child, that sugar rush came with a cost. Namely, it makes you feel terrible. And while exact links between diet and problems like blemishes aren’t totally understood or confirmed, eating an excess of anything isn’t good for your body, and it most likely isn’t doing your skin any favors, either.

Some dairy intolerances have also been known to trigger skin irritation. And since issues that might prevent your skin tone from being as smooth and even as you would like are often caused by an excess of oil, dialing back on processed, greasy foods can help clear things up, too.

Lastly — and this one really hurts, we know — alcohol is shown to lower your skin’s antioxidant defenses. Over time, it can cause wrinkles and puffy eyes and is thought to cause an uneven skin tone. Suddenly happy hour doesn’t sound so happy.

Step Three: Find Your Ideal Cleanser

The first step of every skin routine is to make sure everything is squeaky clean. But this doesn’t mean you should reach for the most intense cleanser you can find. You want something gentle and not too abrasive on your skin, especially before exfoliating.

It’s also good to find a solution that doesn’t include alcohol. Washing your face sounds like a fundamental step, but it’s crucial when it comes to keeping your skin clear and under control.

You’ll want to wash your face in the morning and at night, although it’s important to listen to your skin. Not everybody has the same needs, and while if your skin tends to be quite oily, you might want to wash your face more often, sometimes your skin might be dried out by using a cleanser multiple times a day. Especially if you haven’t quite codified your gold-standard skincare routine yet, it might take some fussing and fiddling to find the perfect combo for you.

Step Four: Exfoliate

Starting your daily skincare routine by exfoliating is a great way to get your day started right.

Our Purifying 2-in-1 Pumpkin Pore Detox Mask and Scrub is great for clearing your skin of every last bit of dirt and grime lingering after cleansing. It also helps to give your facial skin cells a refresh and resurface so that when you move on to the next step of your skincare regimen, you’re working with a clean palette.

Because a good exfoliator can feel really cleansing and rejuvenating, it’s easy to be disappointed when it doesn’t immediately scrape away any imperfections — but don’t worry. Over time, regular exfoliation will help improve the appearance of your skin. Consistency is key!

Step Five: Toner

Toner is an often overlooked step when creating a skincare regimen. It can sometimes feel like an unnecessary in-between, but the truth is it’s a really important step. Using a toner like our Witch Hazel Brightening and pH Balancing Toner before you moisturize will help you ensure your face is a totally fresh palette before you move on to the next step. It removes every last trace of oil, makeup, or dirt that might be lingering, even after you’ve exfoliated and cleansed.

It also makes your skin more receptive to the next all-important step...

Step Six: Get to Know Serums

This is where you can have a little more fun and customize your skincare routine a bit more to suit your personal needs. If you don’t have an exact skin concern in mind, you’re just looking for an all-over glow; we highly recommend introducing our Super C Brightening Serum to your medicine cabinet.

Vitamin C is great for improving your skin’s antioxidant barrier (which is clutch if you, despite our word of warning, like to drink) and overall helps improve your skin tone and brighten your complexion.

If you’re struggling with hyperpigmentation, this is a great place to introduce a skin-brightening superhero, like Tranexamic Acid, into the mix. Our Advanced Even Tone Day and Night Treatment is an amazing serum to work into daily use to try and reduce the appearance of any dark spots or blemishes.

Whatever serum you decide to use, it’s best to introduce it into your routine slowly rather than all at once. Try using your serum a couple of times a week to make sure it doesn’t exacerbate any skin problems you have or create new ones before working up to daily use.

Step Seven: Moisturize

Surely you saw this one coming. One of the most crucial steps to improving the look of uneven skin tone and maintaining a healthy glow is making sure your skin stays hydrated. While keeping up on your water drinking goals can help with this, a good moisturizer is also a must.

You don’t need something super-rich for daytime use — just enough to keep your skin lush and healthy. Our Hydrabalance Brightening Moisture Infusion with thirst-quenching Hyaluronic Acid is a great way to prep your skin for the day. If your skin is oily, you’ll want to look for a moisturizer that is specifically formulated for your skin type, or you’ll risk increasing your sebum production even further.

Step Eight: So Much Sunscreen

This is always one of — if not the — most important moves in your skincare playbook! Protecting your skin from the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays can help prevent acne or painful sunburns and the dryness afterward in the short term. In the long term, consistent use of sunscreen can prevent sunspots, reduce the appearance of aging and wrinkles and help keep your glow bright.

Sunscreen can help reduce the appearance of dark spots from getting darker. It should also be the last step in your morning routine if you do choose to include sunscreen.

If you’re worried about adding another cream or lotion to your face after your full routine because you have oily skin, our ShineBlock™ Oil Control Moisturizer with SPF 30 is a great way to both get the coverage you need to keep your skin happy and healthy, without any greasiness.

Step Nine: Treat Problem Areas

Once you have your daily routine down pat, it’s time to think about going the extra mile. We’re talking face masks; we’re talking chemical peels; we’re talking microneedling. Depending on what is preventing you from having your best skin, you can choose a treatment specifically designed to target your problem area and use it a couple of times a week or as needed.

You can pursue treatments like these professionally by consulting a licensed provider or dermatologist. You can also do them yourself at home. Our Complexion Correction Peel Pads are a great option for an occasional boost of medspa glow from home.

Step Ten: Develop a Bedtime Routine

At the end of the day, you’re going to want to bring your skincare routine full circle and finish strong. This means repeating some of your morning skincare steps, although you could give the exfoliating and toning a miss if you’re looking to save time and effort.

It’s also worth considering using a different sort of serum to end your day. A serum packed with Retinol or gentler, organic Bakuchiol is a great option to help get your skin to make the most of its eight hours of downtime.

In Conclusion

While some people may be blessed with naturally even-looking skin, many of us have to work for it! The best thing you can do to make sure your skin is healthy and happy inside and out is to get into the habit of a full skincare routine so you can try and lessen the appearance of anything getting in the way of your glow.

By: Tiesha Bridges Licensed Aesthetician & Customer
Service Representative