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Healthy Skin Survival Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time where we can gather with friends and loved ones, kick back, relax, and let our hair down just a little as we reflect on the wonderful things that have transpired throughout the year. For many of us, it’s a celebratory time. Where the eats and drinks are plenty and the holidays and new year’s parties are many. And while washing your face after a fun night out at the office holiday party is probably one of the last things on your mind before going to bed, it’s also probably one of the worse things you can do if your goal is to maintain beautiful, healthy skin throughout the holiday season and the new year.

Trust us when we tell you we are preaching to the choir. We’ve all been known to violate our own rule a time or two, which is what inspired us to share this blog. And if we can throw out just a little bit of advice that can help save you from some of our own winter skin faux pas, we will have done our due diligence as duty served. So, if your goal is to stay glowed-up all winter long while you celebrate the holiday and new year away, check out our top five holiday skin and beauty survival tips that are bound to get you through one of the best times of year.


  • Limit time spent in smoky environments. This goes without saying. If you haven’t read our recent post about the effects of smoking on the skin, check it out. Even if you don’t smoke, limiting your time in environments where there’s a lot of smoking going on can do wonders for your skin. Remember that your skin is a living, breathing organ that absorbs any and everything it comes into contact with, including smoke particles which contain harmful agents that are known to cause premature aging, cancer, and dry out the skin.
  • Stay hydrated and go easy on the alcohol. Hey, it’s almost the new year and if you’re anything like us the wine and champagne will most definitely be flowing. A good habit we like to exercise is making it a goal to drink three times more water than wine, beer, or liquor. Sometimes we reach that goal and sometimes not, but typically when you are more focused on drinking three times the water than booze, you will automatically drink less of the booze. However you do it, just try to focus on drinking more of the good stuff (water) and check out our previous blog post about alcohol and the skin.
  • Eat responsibly. We know, we know…preaching to the choir, right? Of course, it’s pretty much everyone’s goal to eat less of the unhealthy but oh-so-tasty things during this time of year, but sometimes those delicious spreads and delightful treats are unavoidable pleasantries.  Our advice? Tickle your fancy and eat what suits you, just do it in moderation and be mindful about the foods that impact your skin the most. Avoiding consumption of copious amounts of sugar, dairy, fats, and oily or fried foods are a great place to start and of course…drink more water.
  • Wash and tone twice per day. Cleansing your face is one of the most important parts of all this. If you’re anything like us, its party after party which requires a lot of makeup application and sometimes on the daily. And while we agree that the ultimate face beat is a must for every holiday soiree, your skin being able to breathe in between those festivities is also hugely important. If you’re new to Urban Skin Rx products, our cleansers and masks are a great place to start, and we also recommend finishing with our pH Balance All Skin Toner. Not sure where to start based on your skin type?  Take our skin quiz!
  • Don’t forget to moisturize. Alongside keeping your skin clean and toned comes hydrating as well. The reality is that you’ll probably end up celebrating in a smoky environment or two, drinking a little more wine than you do water, and forget to use your daily serums and cremes through all the festivities; but she who moisturizes 2-3 times daily is automatically ten steps ahead of the game. For winter and holiday hydration we recommend using our Anti-Aging Cleansing Bar, a 3 in 1 daily cleansing treatment known for rejuvenating, hydrating and firming the skin. Also try our Hydranutrient Radiance Restore Oil, the newest addition to the Urban Skin Rx family, and our HydraBalance Instant Moisture Fusion which is a customer favorite for ultimate hydration without clogging pores. If you are looking to try a full skin care system developed especially for winter skin, try our Dull Skin Age Repair package which will never let you down.


Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year, beautiful!

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