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Beauty Tip From My Grandma

As a Medical Spa owner and Licensed Aesthetician, how my skin looks is an important part of representing my business's success and capabilities. As much as I wish I could take all the credit for aging gracefully, I actually have to give credit to my grandmother Rhoda. She was strikingly beautiful and loved to share what she considered her tips and tricks to always looking flawless. The first advice she gave me was to always wear lipstick. This is something I not only try to do but also tell my employees. Wearing lipstick gives a polished look that represents confidence and beauty. Even if your hair is up in a bun or your wearing minimal makeup, applying lipstick makes you look like you take pride in your appearance. Next my grandmother always taught me to apply a moisturizer. Dry skin definitely ages and wrinkles faster. Whether you have dry skin or even oily skin, it is important to use a moisturizer with SPF daily to hydrate and prevent against early signs of aging and sun damage. Last thing she left me with before she passed away last June was the best beauty advice I could ask for; she imprinted having a smile and a positive attitude at all times. My grandmother was famous for making lemonade out of lemons. Even when life wasn't great or her body was in pain, she never complained, always whistled and sung a happy tune under her breath. Wearing a smile and giving off positive vibes adds an element of beauty that no skin care product, facial, Botox, or lipstick can compete with.

Rachel Roff

Founder of Urban Skin Solutions and Urban Skin Rx

Licensed Medical Aesthetician and Expert Formulator

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