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6 Ways Pumpkin Can Spice Up Your Skincare Routine

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It’s been a month since the pumpkin spice latte returned to Starbucks menus. This marked the beginning of the annual pumpkin apocalypse where everywhere you turn there’s a product featuring the flavors and smells of pumpkin, cinnamon, and spices.

That being said, pumpkin is more than just a delicious scent or taste, it’s also packed with nutrients and vitamins that can boost immunity, reduce your risk of chronic disease/cancer, protect your eyesight, and reduce stress.

But did you know that pumpkin (along with its seeds) also has a range of benefits for your skin as well? That’s right! Remember that the next time you grab that last slice of pumpkin pie, and maybe you won’t regret the extra calories!

How can pumpkin benefit your skin?

Pumpkins are filled with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, alpha hydroxy acids, beta-carotene, and zinc. All of which have a diverse range of benefits that not only affect your health but also your skin.

Here are just five examples of how pumpkin can promote healthy skin and why you should consider incorporating it into your skincare routine (whether you choose to ingest it or apply it):

1. Treatment of oily skin

Do you suffer from oily skin? The combination of zinc and selenium in pumpkin seeds work together to keep your skin clean and healthy by balancing the amount of oil that can get trapped in your skin’s follicles.

2. Treatment of dry skin

How amazing is it that the same vegetable that can treat oily skin, can also help dry skin? That’s amazing for people like me whose skin goes through phases of both. The fatty acids found in derivatives of pumpkin such as pumpkin oil deeply moisturize dry skin without giving it the appearance of being greasy.

3. Anti-aging

Pumpkin is also an excellent source of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that supports the body's natural production of collagen, which can drastically improve your skin’s elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

4. UV ray protection

Pumpkins are rich with beta-carotene and Vitamin C. Research suggests that together as part of your diet they form a dream team of protection against the sun’s harmful rays while also improving the texture of your skin.

5. Dark spots

Embarrassed by the appearance of dark spots? The goodies found in pumpkins (like Vitamin C) promote skin cell rejuvenation, therefore ridding your skin of dead skin cells and helping your dark spots fade away.

6. Acne

Those who are acne-prone tend to have oilier skin than others. As mentioned above, the nutrients and vitamins in pumpkins are great for balancing oil and moisture. As a result, pumpkin can be beneficial in improving the appearance of acne.

Add a 5-star pumpkin mask to your skincare routine

After reading about all the benefits of pumpkin, you’re probably ready to add a pumpkin-based product to your skincare regimen. Well, you’re in luck!

The Purifying 2-in-1 Pumpkin Pore Detox Mask and Scrub has hundreds of 5-star reviews from Urban Skin Rx’s customers and an overall product rating of 4.8! This dual-action product is not only designed to exfoliate your skin, but also to reduce the appearance of your pores, deep clean, and rejuvenate your skin. Not to mention, this product is designed to suit every skin type, it has a self-warming feature when applied to the skin for a spa-at-home quality and it smells like pumpkin spice latte heaven!

Share it with your friends, or keep it to yourself, either way, you can get your glow up in less than 15 minutes with this at-home treatment.

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