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How to Prevent Dull, Dry Skin in the Coming Winter Months


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It’s pumpkin spice season! And boots weather... some days. Most of us love the chill in the air and the chance to wear cute and cozy clothes. But that same chill in the air can also cause dry skin. And to quote Game of Thrones, colder weather means “Winter is coming!”

Environment is one of the top causes of dry skin. So, how do you prevent dull, dry skin in the coming winter months? Here are 5 ways.

  • Ointments and Creams Instead of Lotion.
  • Ointments and creams are proven to be more effective and less irritating than lotions. Ones that contain ingredients such as lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, or glycerin will help to soothe dry skin.

    Speaking of hyaluronic acid, we recommend you try our HydraBalance Instant Moisture Infusion. It’s ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, provide skin with intense hydration and a youthful glow.

    You could also try our HydraFirm Serum. This product attracts moisture to the skin cells resulting in a more hydrated and healthy appearance, while also improving visible signs of aging.

  • Use a Vaporizer in Winter.
  • The air is simply more dry in the winter season. (We all know the feeling of humidity in the summer. Winter does not have that!) And heaters blowing constantly in the home don’t help either. Many people have experienced relief in their dry skin –not to mention a better experience for the sinuses– when they run a vaporizer in their home on a regular basis in the winter.

  • Avocados Aid in Dry Skin.
  • Eating avocados and using skin care products with avocado as an active ingredient can help fight dry skin. The fatty acid in the avocado helps retain moisture and plumpness in your skin.

  • Don’t Use Hot Water.
  • Hot water not only can hurt your skin, it interrupts the production of healthy oils your pores produce. It’s better to use lukewarm water when your washing your face or body, especially in colder months.

  • Do Use Gentle Cleansers.
  • We all know that some cleansers are so harsh that they strip your skin of it’s natural defenses. Or if a cleanser is made for ferociously fighting acne troubles, it can inflame your skin as a result. Gentler cleansers are better, which means they should have more natural ingredients and oils (which may sound counter-intuitive to cleansing, but your skin needs its oils.) We actually have a cleansing bar we love for this!

    If you notice itching, redness, or flaking, your skin may not be retaining its natural oils and may be suffering from lack of moisture. We encourage you to try all the tips we’ve recommended above. However, you can also begin a healing regimen for already irritated skin. Our Aloe Cort Calming Cream is helpful for soothing and relieving inflamed skin.

    It’s a great time of year! We hope you can fully embrace the cool, cozy months ahead with a good line of defense and care for your skin. Happy Fall!

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