Summer sun leading to dark spots?
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Do I really need to use an eye cream?

“Why can’t I just use my facial moisturizer around my eyes?”

The thinnest skin on your body is the skin around your eyes. Because of this, signs of aging show up here more quickly than on other areas of the face.

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Skin under the eyes can be prone to puffiness if fluid builds up there — allergies and sinus problems can also cause the eyes to puff. When the epidermis becomes thinner and the underlying veins become more prominent, dark circles can form. Heredity, lack of sleep, too much sun exposure and aging can all cause dark circles. Also, unlike skin on the rest of your face, the eye area does not contain oil glands that can help keep this skin moist. This is part of the reason why we recommend using a separate eye cream.

The most important reason to use a separate eye treatment product is because these products are formulated with molecules much smaller than those that make up face creams and lotions. Regular moisturizers often contain different combinations of humectants (draw water into the skin and bind it there) and emollients (lie on the skin’s surface to protect the skin, strengthen the lipid barrier, and prevent dehydration). These molecules are often quite large, and because there are fewer pores under your eyes these ingredients will not absorb as well. This means any active ingredients in the cream are just going to waste. A specially formulated eye cream delivers concentrated active ingredients to treat common problems (dark circles, puffiness, fine lines) using very fine molecules that can be absorbed by the fine, tender skin around the eyes – therefore making it much more effective.
Urban Skin Rx offers three amazing eye treatment products:

Retinol Renewal Eye Serum

Retinol Renewal Eye Serum contains a low-dose topical Retinol antiaging complex. Helps to correct uneven pigmentation, promotes skin cell regeneration and increases collagen production, resulting in brighter, even-toned, firmer skin.


Vitaleyez dual-action dark circle treatment contains a combination of brighteners, peptides and flavonoids that target periorbital dark circles. 

HydraFirm Eye Complex 

A luxurious eye serum, formulated with Vitamins A, C and E, along with CoQ10 and super hydrating Hyaluronic acid, soothes and smoothes the delicate skin around the eyes to rapidly reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. Ideal for dry or sensitive skin and anti-aging for all skin types.

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