Inclusive Clinical Skincare
Inclusive Clinical Skincare
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Is Urban Skin Rx for All Skin Tones?


Urban Skin Rx® has been awarded the Diversity In Beauty Skincare Award Most Inclusive Skincare Brand

We often get asked "Is Urban Skin Rx only for African American Women?"
The short answer is "no!" First off, we are not just for women. Skin care is about treating the skin type, condition, and concern and not about whether you are female or male. We are melanin experts and pride ourselves in treating all skin tones with a focus on ethnic and darker skin tones. However melanin comes in all shades and races and being true skin care Experts means having the expertise to safely and effectively treat all skin tones. We even recently won Yahoo's Diversity in Beauty Award in 2017 for "Most Inclusive Skin Care Brand" (thank you Yahoo for such an amazing award!).

We designed Urban Skin Rx with diverse skin tones in mind. When we developed the clinical skin care line, we were particularly focused on two areas where we think the rest of the skin care market falls short and doesn't address customer's needs. One area of focus is women (and men!) with medium to darker skin tones and the particular needs of customers with melanin-rich skin. Another area we are focused on is women and men with specific skin issues that other most other products don't effectively treat (in our opinion). These are skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne scars, oily skin, dullness and stubborn breakouts.

All of our products are specifically designed to either cleanser, hydrate, protect or treat the skin and they work equally well for women and men. However, ALL of our products also have an 'extra-layer' of effectiveness - whether it be promoting a more even skin tone, treating blemish prone skin with stronger oil-fighting ingredients, improving skin texture and elasticity for maturing skin or providing SPF-moisturizers to protect the skin from the sun.

Our focus is on providing great, effective skin care and addressing the skin concerns that we believe many existing skin care lines don't effectively treat. This focus goes hand in hand with our "No Shade, but #MyShade is" campaign - we want dispel the nonsense of any one standard shade of beauty - we are an inclusive skin care brand, not an exclusive one (that's probably why we won Yahoo's Diversity in Beauty Award in 2017 for "Most Inclusive Skin Care Brand"!). So, regardless of whether you are female or male, your skin tone, age, ethnicity, etc., if you have skin issues that aren't being effectively addressed by your current skin care line, we encourage you to take our Skin Care Quiz, or live chat with one of our expert aestheticians and find the right products for your skin!

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