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Is it a whitehead or is it Milia?


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Have you ever wondered for those who have what appears to look like a milk spot or an oil seed under the eye or on the eyelid? Or perhaps the nose? What about a tiny bump or clusters of tiny bumps that appear pearl white or yellowish? Well that is indeed called Milium aka Milia.

Milia can be confused with stubborn whiteheads. Milia is a clog of the eccrine sweat gland, and keratin build up cyst. Milia can form from sun damage, oil based skincare products or from the skin not being properly exfoliated.

Tips to prevent Milia:

1.)Stay away from thick heavy, rich creams that clog pores and oil based skincare products. Rich creams especially used around the eyes can clog and block pores that can cause Milia.

2.) Protect your skin from the sun and always wear a sunblock or sunscreen.

3.)Keep your hands away from your face, The hands often carry a lot of bacteria.

4.)Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week. Use a good exfoliating moisturizer or treatment.

The good news is that Milia should disappear on it's own in a few weeks. Don't scratch it, or pop it as it may result in damaging the skin or may even create a scar. If Milia is still persistent, you may consider getting professional chemical peels or microdermabrasion treatments. 

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