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What does your acne say about your health?

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Your skin is essentially the advertisement for what’s going on inside of your body. Whether you’re having a random breakout along your jaw line or one random “zit” in the middle of your forehead, your body is sending you a message about your health.

 So, what are your breakouts telling you?


  • Mouth & Chin: Have you noticed this area breakouts during that time of the month? Breakouts in this area often come because of changes in your hormones, stress, or a kidney imbalance. 
  • Cheeks: These breakouts usually signal a few things. Potential causes include not cleaning your cellphone, consuming too much sugar, polluted air, or allergies that affect the respiratory system.
  • In between the brows: Breakouts in this area signal too much greasy food, alcohol, or dehydration. 
  • Forehead: Were you stressing over that exam you had? Breakouts here can signal acute stress, sweat and issues with the digestive system. 

Now that we can connect our breakouts to what’s going on inside our bodies, what else should we do to help decrease these breakouts? Well we’re glad you asked! 

Having a daily regimen which includes, a cleanser, a treatment pad/serum, a sunblock, correction cream and a nighttime moisturizer, is extremely important in promoting healthier skin. Also, using a weekly scrub or mask like the Purifying pumpkin mask is like adding the cherry on top! 

Cleansing daily can help decrease the chances of having pore clogging dirt and debris. For the oily-acne prone person we recommend using the Clear skin cleansing bar twice daily. Next, treat the breakouts by applying the Clear complexion acne serum. This serum fights inflammation and controls the bacteria and sebum trapped in the pores.  Don’t forget that your also needs an SPF. The Dermshield Sunscreen prevents future dark marks and sun damage!

Have any other tips you’d like to share? Visit The Flawless Forum to chat with others like you!

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