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What are probiotics and why are they in my skin care?

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Probiotics may be one of those topics where you don’t exactly know what they are but you’ve heard they’re good for you. You may know you can take them like you would a daily vitamin. But did you know they’re also helpful when applied by your skin care?

We want to talk about why you would benefit from probiotics in more ways than you might think.

But first, what is a probiotic?

Because they are living microorganisms–or bacteria– your body needs, having the right amount and the right kind of probiotics matters. Balance is key. Most of the time, we think of bacteria negatively. But the good bacteria that make up probiotics helps to fight the bad bacteria. Probiotics can destroy anything that shouldn't be in your body. They can help produce vitamins too.

There are many classes and strains of probiotics. Most of them have odd names that end in “um” or “us” like Acidophilus. And since they are living, it requires care when formulating probiotics.

When the good (and bad) bacteria that already occurs in and on your body gets out of whack, you experience problems. When it’s out of whack in your intestines, you can imagine the symptoms! When there’s an imbalance of bacteria on your skin, you experience acne, inflammation, and more.

Hold up, can I use probiotics to help my skin?

It may sound weird to add bacteria to your skin care. But when you add the good kind to a product that already has other powerful elements like retinol or vitamins, you’re giving your skin the whole package. Think of your skin as it’s own little world, where atmosphere, climate, moisture, and landscape are all factors affecting the good of that little world. Imagine that the good bacteria is foundational to the balance of that little world. It protects it from things that don’t belong there. It helps keep the moisture of your skin at its proper level. It helps keep the landscape of your skin smooth and prevents it from becoming inflamed.

Analogy aside, we’ve said it before. Your skin is so unique, and it is a delicate balance keeping it healthy. The latest research shows skin care products with probiotics aid in that beautiful balance you need. Skin care products with probiotics can:

  • Fight against bad bacteria or pollution that comes in contact with your skin
  • Help treat acne
  • Strengthen your skin’s surface
  • Help your skin maintain it’s moisture
  • Diminish inflammation or redness

Considering that many anti-acne products are harsh, killing both the bad and good bacteria on your skin, (Not ours! But many others are like this) it makes sense that probiotics would be a very healthy way to help with acne. There is a lot of potential in probiotics for your skin today. We expect to see it used more and more. We hope you feel even more informed and excited about probiotics too!

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