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Skin Care Routine

The Benefits of Salicylic Acid Spray

While it’s great that people are getting more invested in what they use on their skin, and that we’re learning more about what nourishes us and addresses certain issues, it’s a bit like dating apps! There are so many options out there, all with their strengths and weaknesses, and it can be difficult to figure out which one is your perfect match. Among the many options available are skincare sprays — a somewhat-less-talked-about way to...

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How To Get Rid of Strawberry Legs

The phrase “strawberry legs” may sound cute, but it’s a super common and frustrating skin condition that affects so many people at different times in their lives. If you’ve ever checked yourself out in your shortest skirt or cutest cutoffs only to see bumps and redness running along your legs rather than that sleek, supermodel look you were going for… we feel your pain. Been there! But what can you do about strawberry legs? Well,...

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Back Acne Treatment at Home

Breakouts are basically public enemy number one for so many of us as soon as puberty hits — and unfortunately, the struggle often doesn’t end with just the skin on your face. Breakouts can affect almost every part of your body, and body breakouts can prove more difficult to treat because of the friction and product-rubbing-off factors presented by clothing. If your body or back breakouts are severe, you might be considering professional treatment to get...

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Head-to-Toe Glow With Clear and Even Tone Body Cleansing Bar

Look, we don't mean to brag, but when it comes to skincare products that deliver serious, science-based results, we've got a pretty good track record. Our products are designed with melanin-rich skin in mind and formulated to deal with the skincare complaints that concern you most. We can talk your ear off about our wide range of serums and treatments, which address visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles to hyperpigmentation and breakouts...

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10 Tips on Controlling Teen Acne

As if there wasn't enough to worry about during high school, your teenage years are when most people are most prone to breakouts. Your hormones are all over the place when you're going through puberty. And these hormonal changes can stimulate your skin's oil glands, creating the perfect environment for pimples to flourish. Because teenage acne is often less about skincare or hygiene and more often about simple biology, stopping it altogether is an almost...

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The Ultimate Acne Skincare Routine

We all hoped that, along with terrible fashion, embarrassing hair and a tendency to emotionally overreact to just about everything, we'd be able to leave acne where it belongs — in our teenage years. Unfortunately, very few people will go their whole lives without experiencing a breakout, even after those hormonal, tumultuous years are over. If you struggle with regular breakouts — whether they're triggered by something in the environment, in your skincare routine, or...

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Post-Inflammatory vs. Hyperpigmentation: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever stopped to check yourself out on your way past a mirror and loved everything except, maybe, for some frustrating dark spots or blemishes? Yeah, we've been there, done that. Especially among those of you who are gifted in the melanin department, hyperpigmentation is a really common skincare concern. It can get in the way of that bright, even-toned glow you're after and make you feel like you need to turn to heavy...

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Vitamin C for Rosacea: Does It Reduce Symptoms?

Rosacea can feel overwhelming at the best of times. If you have rosacea, you may have also combed through skincare aisles, looking for the perfect fix. Vitamin C is a skincare ingredient that can soothe angry skin and support healthy-looking skin – but can it help with rosacea symptoms? Let's dive into the world of Vitamin C and its benefits. What Is Vitamin C? Vitamin C is a nutrient your body needs to make bones...

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