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Surprise Yourself With a Skincare Subscription Box

Urban Skin Rx® Beauty Box

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. Not everyone loves surprises, however, the chances of someone enjoying a surprise increases significantly when they have a rough idea of what the surprise is going to be. And it’s easier to have an idea of what your surprise is going to be when you buy it for yourself!

Case in point: subscription boxes filled with a variety of products delivered directly to your door on a regular basis. Now doesn’t that sound like a surprise you can get behind?

What is a subscription box?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, or you’ve just been avoiding subscriptions like the plague, here are a few things you should know.

Subscription boxes provide companies with an opportunity to showcase and distribute popular, new, or personalized products according to a predetermined schedule.

There’s a subscription box for almost everyone. Over the years, companies have developed boxes filled with products for women, men, children, and even pets. The products range from everything from clothing and wine to makeup and, you knew it was coming, skincare.

Why try a skincare subscription box?

Still not convinced any version of a subscription box is right for you? Here are five reasons you should strongly consider.

  1. Try a wide variety of products at once. Why waste time trying products that may not be best for your skin? Instead, discover the ones you love and then you can spend your coins wisely in the future.
  2. Find out what it means to love surprises! Maybe (if given the option) you choose a couple of items you’ve been dying to try, but you may also be surprised to find a few things you weren’t expecting in your subscription box - such as brand new products.
  3. Get more bang for your buck. Most subscriptions incentivize you by offering affordable pricing or by giving you more products for your money (some even let you send what you don’t like back.)
  4. Define your relationship with your skincare routine. Stop dating your skincare routine and fully commit when you restock your skincare products on a regular basis via subscription.
  5. Convenience. Whether your goal is to try new products or keep your skincare shelf stocked, the best part about subscription boxes is that they get delivered right to your door. Staying on top of your skincare routine has never been easier.

Try a Beauty Box by yours truly: Urban Skin Rx

If you love Urban Skin Rx or are new to the brand, there’s good news! In December, Urban Skin Rx reintroduced a fan favorite: the Urban Skin Rx Beauty Box.

For just $39.99 you can receive over $80 worth of USRx products designed with diverse skin in mind. Each box can contain USRx favorites along with full-size products, new product launches and premium travel-sized products that will forever change your mind if you didn’t like surprises before.

Already know exactly what products you want and don’t want the surprise? You can also purchase any Urban Skin Rx products on subscription and you’ll save 20% + free shipping. You can even customize the interval based on your usage.

“Glow more for less” when you choose subscription or purchase a Beauty Box from Urban Skin Rx. Interested in giving it a try? The next box ships on March 15th. Subscribe now so you don’t miss out on a skincare surprise you’ll love!