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Spring Into a Flawless Complexion!


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I am definitely a girl that likes to wear makeup. I am into trends and makeup is definitely trending right now; everything from contour techniques to new types of application methods. But as much as I love rocking a flawless makeup application, I love even more to feel confident with rocking my own natural, makeup free complexion. During the colder winter months i feel that you can get away with a heavier makeup look, but during the summer season nothing is worse then sweating off your makeup in hotter temperatures. Spring time is the perfect season to address your complexion concerns so you feel confident with or without makeup on.
During the beginnings days of spring it still tends to be cold outside. I recommend the perfect combination of exfoliation and hydration. I recommend receiving professional treatments like Microdermabrasion or Enzyme Facials from your local Medical Spa. The Custom Microdermabrasion at Urban Skin Solutions is a popular spring treatment. It uses a machine to buff off the outer layer of dead surface skin cells and unveil a smoother, brighter more rejuvenated skin tone. Another positive result of receiving a professional exfoliating treatment is that your personal skin care regimen used at home will penetrate deeper and ultimately work better. For the perfect at home exfoliating and hydrating regimen I recommend the Dry skin Cleansing bar, Hydrafirm Serum, and Hydrabalance Moisturizer from our Clinical Skin Care Line, Urban SKin Rx. This trio utilizes hyaluronic Acid which is an ingredient that actually attracts and retains moisture in the skin for a more hydrated and firmer appearance. Although skin is a 365 day commitment, it is important to adjust your regimen and professional treatments to the appropriate season. Stay tuned for the ultimate summer recommendation!

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