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Spring Beauty Tips

Spring Beauty Tips

Spring is here and with Summer right around the corner, it’s time to start getting your body right! I’m not talking about going to the gym (I haven’t been in weeks, I’m hoping a spray tan will make me look 10 pounds lighter), I’m talking about your skin. It’s the much loved, or much dreaded time of year when we bare our backs, legs, arms and sometimes even the booty (if ya nasty).

If you’re like me, you don’t come out of winter looking radiant and glowing pure light from every orifice of your body - I’m dry, insanely itchy all over from allergies, and have little red bumps on my legs. My back and booty also experience breakouts from time to time, and that’s a real bummer when I want to wear those cheeky bikini bottoms. So if you experience dry, itchy skin, red bumps, breakouts or dark marks all over your body, here are some tips to help get your skin sexy all over!

1. Dry Brush

I discovered dry brushing when I tried a raw, vegan diet. Along with the diet, you were sup-posed to dry brush every day. While the diet did not last, dry brushing is something I continue to do on a regular basis. It exfoliates dead skin, unclogs pores, and can help reduce the appear-ance of cellulite. This will help alleviate dry, itchy skin and reduce bumps. To dry brush, simply purchase a natural bristle body brush, get naked, remain dry, and brush your body starting at the feet, up towards your heart (this is important, brushing away from your heart can cause vari-cose veins). Be gentle around sensitive skin areas like your breasts. Do this right before a shower, and after you wash moisturize your whole body.

2. Cleanse

A lot of our clients always ask us when we are creating a body line, but what they don’t know is that the majority of our products can be used on the entire body (except your va-jay-jay). For my extremely itchy, dry legs I use the Anti-Aging Cleansing bar. It contains soothing, hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil, to hep relieve dry skin. For back and booty breakouts I use the Clear Skin Cleansing Bar (again, make sure it doesn’t get in your intimate area) and for discol-oration, and dark marks on my legs and arms I use the Even Tone Bar. This bar was even named one of 13 Spring must have products by Essence! Lather up, let it sit anywhere from 1-5 minutes, and rinse!

3. Moisturize and Treat

So you’ve dry brushed, and you’ve cleansed and now it’s time to treat! Right after you show-er and exfoliate is the perfect time to treat skin because your pores have opened up, and prod-uct can penetrate much easier! For my red bumps on my legs caused from allergies I use The Skin Renewal Body Lotion. It’s a high potency 15% glycolic acid treatment lotion that exfoliates skin. The Even Tone Night Treatment can be used on the legs and is perfect for dark marks. I use the Clear Complexion Acne Serum on any breakouts I have on my back or butt.

Do this consistently and by the time the heat is here, you won’t even sweat it baring it all!

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