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Put a Wrinkle in Time: Slow Down the Clock on Aging

Diverse woman concerned with aging skin and forehead wrinkles

Did you wake up this morning and look in the mirror to find your reflection had a few more fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, or bags than you had just a year ago? You probably replayed all of the sayings about "age" you’ve been told time and time again:

“Age ain’t nothing but a number.”

“Black don’t crack.”

“You’re as young as you feel.”

“Like a fine wine, you get better with age.”

Heard them all before? Don’t believe the hype. You can’t stop time, and you certainly won’t find a magical fountain of youth that will forever maintain your youthful appearance. However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

First and foremost, you’re not alone. For years, makeup artists, dermatologists, and skincare professionals have grappled over the effects of aging on one’s appearance. And while the jury’s still out on how to successfully age gracefully, you can always make adjustments to your skincare routine to put a wrinkle in time. Here are a few tips to put you on the path toward an ageless glow:

1. Figure out what areas you want to focus on.

Before we get into the steps that everyone can take toward establishing an anti-aging routine, let’s take a long look in the mirror. What is it that you notice about your skin as you’re aging that bothers you? No one ages the exact same way. Maybe your circles are darker than others. Maybe your frown lines are deeper. Pinpoint your areas of concern and build a personalized routine around those first.

2. Start your day on the right note.

Maybe soap and water worked for your morning cleansing routine when you were younger. But your skin is changing. Establishing a morning regimen will set your skin up for success. Determine your skin type and then search for an anti-aging cleansing product that will help you alleviate dryness/oiliness, act as a dark spot corrector, reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and smooth your skin.

3. Try a daily sun protectant.

The harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun don’t just cause harm to your skin while you’re laying out by the pool or beach. In fact, your skin is exposed as soon as you walk out of your door. An everyday sun protectant can shield your skin from the sun’s dangerous rays and the premature aging they can cause.

4. Find a skin brightening or glow up serum.

You may have realized by now that you don’t have the same youthful glow you once had. As you get older, your skin may need a helping hand achieving the glow-up you once had. Look for a skin brightening serum that will promote even skin tone, hydrate your skin, and reduce oxidative stress. Don’t let your age block your glow up!

5. Consider a daily moisturizer.

Is your skin having a hard time regenerating as you get older? A daily moisturizer may be just what you need to add to your routine. It can help you combat uneven skin tone, maintain or restore moisture levels, and if applied correctly, boost the effectiveness of anti-aging ingredients.

6. Drink lots of water and gets lots of sleep.

The advice is timeless: drink eight glasses of water a day and get eight hours of sleep every night. No matter how many skincare products you consider, you must tackle the basics before you can expect to see true results. A sufficient amount of hydration and sleep can completely transform how your skin looks and feels.

No matter what phase you are in life, you can’t stop time. However, you can still achieve the ageless glow you desire by finding a way to incorporate the above into your daily routine. For more skincare tips, check out the Urban Skin Rx product line serving all skin types and colors.

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