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How Your Skin Can Benefit From Multi-Masking

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Have you noticed that your T-zone tends to get oily but your cheeks lend themselves to be drier? Most likely you have combination skin. Don’t fret. This simply means that you have to find a product, series of products or establish a unique skincare routine that compliments each area of your skin.

You’ve probably mastered the art of multi-tasking while tackling your skincare routine. After all, why wouldn’t you do laundry while wearing a 15-minute treatment mask. But have you ever considered multi-”masking?”

If you have combo skin, multi-masking may just be the answer to your skincare prayers.

What is multi-masking?

If you haven’t learned already, when it comes to combination skin, all-purpose skincare products are hard to come by. That’s why you can benefit from establishing a more complex skincare routine in which you treat each area of your skin with the TLC it deserves.

Multi-masking is like getting a customized spa service without the costly price tag. An esthetician or a licensed facial specialist has the skill to identify the areas of your skin that need to be treated differently when you’re receiving a facial and then apply the right creams, serums, or otherwise to those different areas. Instead of paying $100+ for a pro to do it, why not try it at home?

Multi-masking involves applying two or more masks to your face at once, each providing a unique treatment for different areas of the skin. The best part is depending on the price of your choice products, you can achieve the same goal you had going to get a professional facial without spending an arm and a leg. Not to mention, you’ll have an excuse for keeping more than one facial mask in your arsenal - wink, wink!

How to establish your multi-masking routine?

The first step in creating a multi-mask routine that quenches your skin’s thirst is to take note of the challenges you deal with for each area of your face.

  1. Do your cheeks tend to dry out?
  2. Does your forehead break out regularly?
  3. Are blackheads taking over your nose?
  4. Do you suffer from dark circles?
  5. Do you struggle with dark marks?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you probably have combination skin and should adopt a multi-masking routine. Find a hydrating mask that you can apply to habitually dry areas or pop-up dry patches. Find a detoxifying mask that will remove excess dirt and oil from areas that are blemish-prone. Then find an even tone face mask that will address stubborn dark marks. You may even decide to add an eye-specific mask that will tackle the look of dark circles.

Once you’ve gathered your products, the first thing you should do is wash your face. If you’re lucky, you’ve found a great cleanser plus exfoliant that complements your combination skin. Then all you have to do is apply each mask paying close attention to which one you need to place on each problem area. Once you’ve rinsed off your masks, don’t forget to moisturize. Before you know it, you’ll be multi-masking like a pro in no time.

Not sure what type of skin you have to start your multi-masking journey? Get a skin analysis and a customized skincare recommendation.

For other information on masking, helpful tips on products and skincare techniques, check Urban Skin Rx’s Glow-Up Guide often!