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How to Get Rid of Your Eye Baggage?

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Find the Right Treatment for Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

After a night of little sleep, one of the first things you may notice the next morning is the pair of bags under your eyes or dark circles. Sure, you may just shrug as you reach for your favorite concealer and continue getting ready for the day, but the truth is, concealer is only a temporary fix.

Just like baggage doesn’t make for great conversation on a first date, it doesn’t make for great first impressions when you’re wearing it on your face. Don’t let those pesky bags under your eyes weigh you down. Instead, figure out what’s causing the dark circles under your eyes and find the right treatment for your unique skin type.

What causes bags under your eyes?

Depending on your skin type, genetic makeup, and everyday behavior, there are plenty of factors that could cause bags to form under your eyes. A few of the most common causes (in no particular order) include:

  1. Lack of sleep: The less sleep you get each night, the more fluid that builds up, leaving the area underneath your eyes puffy. Additionally, lack of sleep can pale your skin, giving your blood vessels and dark tissues time to shine through.
  2. Allergies: That’s right - from allergic reactions to dry eyes, allergies can trigger dark circles. Whether your body is fighting an allergy or you’re rubbing your eyes frequently, the area under your eyes is one of the first places you may notice a difference.
  3. Alcohol: It’s simple really - alcohol causes the body to dehydrate, which can lead to weak or baggy skin. One too many drinks, and you’ll wear the party on your face the next day.
  4. Skin type: Unfortunately, your skin type alone can play a huge role in under-eye baggage. Darker skin tones are prone to hyperpigmentation. Therefore, dark circles tend to be more common among people of color.
  5. Age: You can’t stop Father Time. As we get older, gravity becomes our worst enemy. The under-eye bags will begin to gradually fall as the years go on.
  6. Genetics: Do your parents have noticeably dark circles? Do you have a health condition such as thyroid disease? Depending on your genetic predisposition, you may be at higher risk to develop dark circles.

Pack your bags, dark circles, it’s time to hit the road.

At this point, you may have a bleak outlook towards the bags under your eyes. But, there is hope. The key is to start introducing adjustments to your daily routines and skin care regimen as early as possible. Doing so will help you keep the ageless glow you love longer and brighter.

Here are a few tips for keeping your baggage under control:

  1. Get a full night’s sleep. The first and most obvious tip for keeping an overnight bag tucked away in the closet where it belongs, is to get a good night’s sleep. It’s as simple as it sounds. More sleep will keep eye puffiness at bay and reduce the size of the bags under your eyes.
  2. Drink lots of water. The suggested eight glasses of water a day isn’t just beneficial for your health, it’s great for your skin, too. When you’re hydrated, your skin is hydrated, making it hard for pesky dark circles to find a home under your eyes.
  3. Cooldown your eyes. Whether you want to pull your jade roller out of the fridge or simply grab a cold rag, cooling down the area underneath your eyes will reduce swelling. Bonus: try cold tea bags - the antioxidants in tea can stimulate blood flow, shrink blood vessels, and reduce fluid buildup.
  4. Try a new eye cream. After you’ve made adjustments to your daily routine, it’s time to consider introducing a new product into your regimen. Find a retinol-rich eye cream that’s designed to promote brighter, firmer, hydrated skin.

Don’t let bags under your eyes block your glow. Get rid of and/or reduce under-eye baggage by considering a combination of these lifestyle and skincare routine changes.

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