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Hyperpigmentation on Bikini Line: How to Get Rid of Those Dark Areas

African American woman posing laying down in gray top and boxer briefs

Discoloration of the bikini area is a very common concern for many women. Razor bumps, lack of exfoliation, and genetics all play a part in this issue.  In this week’s blog entry, we are sharing a few tips and tricks that will help you can tackle this beast and get on with feeling good about “down there”!

The first (and one of the most important) recommendations is to stop shaving.  Shaving is a huge culprit and one of the most common causes of discoloration in the bikini area.  While shaving isn’t a guarantee that you will suffer from discoloration, it increases the odds drastically.  There are a few steps you can take to decrease the effects of shaving if you are a diehard razor user.  It is very important that you make sure to never shave with a dull razor.  Some women choose to use a new razor every time they shave.  Also, swapping regular soap for a moisturizing shave cream or gel will increase the quality of your results.  If you do get an ingrown hair make sure to not shave it and remove it carefully so that you can prevent as much discoloration as possible as well as limit any further cell damage.

If you are looking for a more sure fire way to brighten your bikini area, look no further than laser hair removal.  Laser hair removal is your best friend as it offers amazing results that can last for years! Urban Skin Solutions, a medical spa in Charlotte NC has the perfect technology and equipment to assist all skin types with laser hair removal.

Exfoliating, dry brushing, and using loofahs are all great ways to remove dry skin which will in turn help decrease discoloration and prevent skin irritation.  These steps also help to minimize bacteria that clog pores and can lead to infections similar to acne.  

The bikini area is a very delicate part of your body therefore, seeking expert advice may be the better option. Urban Skin Rx has come up with a formula to help brighten the intimate areas. The Intimate Area Lightening Complex is designed to brighten the bikini line, anal area, nipples and scrotum. Pairing this with the Urban Skin Rx Skin Renewal Body Lotion which helps treat rough, bumpy skin and discoloration is bound to give you desirable results.  Should you want to start the lightening process before your urban skin products arrive, you could always use the gel from an Aloe Vera plant and apply it directly to the affected areas for a more accessible option.

Aside from making sure you are properly shaving, exfoliating, or lasering your bikini hair, you should also ensure that your clothes aren’t too tight, causing irritation and that you always change your workout clothes after workouts.  Personal hygiene should be your top priority!

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