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Gel Cleansers: The Key To Even Tone Skin

gel cleanser for skin

There’s more to the process of properly cleansing your face than meets the eye. It seems pretty obvious and intuitive at first glance — you’ve likely been doing it one way or the other your entire life, after all — but in reality, there are so many different factors that go into washing your face. From the temperature of the water used to the frequency with which you wash your face to the most controversial and debated of all face cleansing queries — which cleanser is right for you — there are many things to consider.

And you should consider them! Washing your face is perhaps the most essential part of your skincare regimen. It’s key when it comes to removing all the dirt and grime that builds up throughout the day and even while you sleep.

It prevents oil from building up and causing breakouts. It helps to give you a blank canvas every day and night so your other skincare products can effectively work their magic. It can also be an important factor in keeping your skin looking youthful and hydrated. So there’s every reason to put some thought into what kind of facial cleanser you should use.

If you find most facial cleansers or the feeling of the sponges or brushes that sometimes come with applying certain cleansers to be a bit rough on your skin, you might want to explore the wonderful world of gel facial cleansers. If you haven’t heard of a gel cleanser before, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

What Is a Gel Cleanser?

A gel cleanser is pretty much what it sounds like. Rather than being an oil-based cleanser, a water-based cleanser, a foaming cleanser, or even a cleansing balm, gel cleansers are formulated with gel-based solvents. Gel cleansers will probably feel somewhere between an oil cleanser and a foamy cleanser. They should be light yet substantial.

Gel cleansers are especially good at giving your skin a deep clean, so if you struggle with clogged pores and the resulting whiteheads or blackheads, a gel cleanser is a great way to give your skin the serious clean it needs without stripping and dehydrating your skin. This makes gel cleansers a particularly good choice if you have oily skin.

Gel-based skin cleansers also tend to have a lower pH than other cleansers. This is crucial when it comes to protecting your skin’s moisture barrier, which is part of your skin’s outermost layer. Your moisture barrier helps your skin to retain moisture and electrolytes.

Part of your moisture barrier’s health is its pH level, so it’s important to be sure you’re not using products that negatively impact your skin’s acidity. Gel cleansers are great if you have concerns about your skin’s moisture barrier — like if you experience dry, red, flaky, or itchy skin on the reg — because they help keep your skin balanced.

How Will a Gel Cleanser Even Out Your Complexion?

A solid routine for washing your face and a gentle yet effective cleanser will help with any skincare issue under the sun. But if you’re looking to fight hyperpigmentation or even out your complexion overall, you might be wondering how a gel cleanser can help.

If your skin is uneven due to blemishes, redness, or other types of irritation, as we’ve mentioned, a gel cleanser will be helpful because it can contribute positively to your skin’s moisture barrier. This will help to get your skin’s microbiome into a healthier place, which in turn will lead to more even, less irritated skin.

If your skin’s uneven tone is due to something more long-lasting, like hyperpigmentation or other dark blemishes, a gel cleanser is still totally worth working into your product lineup. Gel cleansers are non-drying, and if you pay attention to the ingredients, you can definitely find a gel cleanser that will deliver the additional benefits you need to get your skin glowing and even once again.

How Do You Use a Gel Cleanser?

There luckily isn’t much of a learning curve when it comes to using a gel cleanser. You’ll use it like you would any other cleanser for the most part!

Step One
Wet your skin with lukewarm water. Although you might be tempted to use hot or cold water, depending on your preferences, a happy medium is better for your skin.

Step Two
Squeeze a dime-sized portion of your gel cleanser into your hands. Add some water, and work that cleanser into a rich lather.

Step Three
Massage that lovely lathery cleanser onto your skin. Take your time with this step! Not only is it nice to give yourself a mini-spa experience at any opportunity, but much like brushing your teeth, you’ll want to give it a couple of recitations of the ABCs to be sure your skin is getting what it needs. You may need to repeat this step if you’re also using your gel cleanser to remove makeup.

Step Four
This is our favorite step — live your early 2000s face wash commercial dreams and rinse off your cleanser with warm water. Rather than scrubbing your skin dry, pat it gently.

And that’s really it! After using your gel cleanser, you should notice that your skin retained more moisture than usual. It should feel hydrated and relaxed rather than dry and tight. While you’re not likely to see your skin tone magically even out in a single-use, feeling how hydrated yet clean your skin feels right away should reassure you that your gel cleanser is helping your skin find the balance it needs to improve.

In Conclusion

Even-toned skin won’t happen overnight, especially if you’re dealing with more serious issues like discoloration, scarring or hyperpigmentation. But using a gel cleanser is a great way to make sure every single step of your skincare routine is working hard for you. And as anyone who’s been dealing with long-term skin issues knows, every little bit helps when it comes to getting your glow back in action.

By: Tiesha Bridges Licensed Aesthetician & Customer
Service Representative