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5 Easy Remedies for When Your Face Is Looking Tired

tired woman looking in the mirror

It’s inevitable. There are just some days - or weeks - when you can’t get enough hours of sleep in a night, or the stress of everyday life has caught up to you. Without a doubt, on one of these days, you’ll bump into a co-worker or friend and get the dreaded, “You look tired.” And that’s when you realize you look as exhausted as you feel.

There’s no way around having days like this every now and then. Getting enough rest isn’t always easy, and unfortunately, it can catch up to you when you want it least. But! We have some tips for helping you get through these tired days without having to hear about it from the lady who works down the hall.

1. Exfoliate the Tiredness Away

Taking one look in the mirror as soon as you wake up can be a shock if you haven’t had a restful night. You can see it all over your face - your skin looks dull, grayish and tired. Luckily, we have just the solution to reveal the glow under all that sleepiness.

You may know that exfoliation can help with a wide range of skin issues, like enlarged pores or fine lines. But the quickest, most noticeable difference you’ll see in your skin after exfoliating will be how all the dull skin was buffed away. Instantly, you’ll see brighter, more awake skin that was hiding just beneath the surface.

Other benefits of exfoliating regularly:

  • Unclogs pores and helps prevent blemishes
  • Smoothes the appearance of deep wrinkles
  • Evens skin tone
  • Speeds up skin cell turnover rate for younger-looking skin
  • Allows your skincare products to absorb better
  • Makeup applies more evenly

The very motion of exfoliating can also help relieve the look of tiredness. Massaging a facial scrub or washcloth around your face can get your blood flowing, bringing a natural glow to the surface of your skin. Not only will your skin wake up, but your face will feel like you just left a relaxing morning at the spa.

Our favorite facial scrub for waking up your face is the Urban Skin Rx® Purifying 2-in-1 Pumpkin Pore Detox Mask & Scrub. It contains powerful ingredients like clay to pull impurities from your skin and Jojoba beads to exfoliate away dull skin. This deliciously smelling mask and scrub will transport you right into fall, no matter the season, and leave you with gorgeous, glowing skin.

2. Goodbye, Puffiness

Nothing gives away how tired you are more than dark, puffy eyes. There are several causes for puffy eyes, obviously including unlucky genetics, but they can also be caused by a lack of sleep or water retention from a salty meal the night before. The hollow area under your eyes allows fluid to settle, causing that classic puffiness we all know and hate to see. A great eye cream can help work wonders with under-eye puffiness, too. The perfect follow-up to rolling under the eye area is our Vitaleyez Retinol + Vitamin C Complex. This cream contains Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid to help wake up and moisturize tired eyes so that you look more rested and ready to take on the day.

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This remedy for helping your face look more awake is an easy one: drink some water! Dehydrated skin is tired, dull-looking skin… and you can help fix this issue from the inside out. When you wake up to a face that doesn’t look like it wants to wake up with you, drink a glass of water to get things moving along.

Like we mentioned before, waking up to puffiness in your face can have a lot to do with having a salty dinner or snack before bed. This can cause fluid retention under your eyes and around your face, and the best way to flush it out is to rehydrate your body. Having a glass of water before bed can also help to prevent any water retention if you’ve overindulged in the evening.

Don’t forget; it’s recommended to get at least eight glasses of water a day. Better yet, determine how much you should be drinking by calculating ounces based on your body weight. A well-hydrated body will make you feel and look great, and it’s so easy to do.

Aside from hydrating your entire body, reach for a moisturizer that will help pull in and hold on to moisture after you cleanse your face. HydraBalance Brightening Moisture Infusion is another Urban Skin Rx® product containing moisture-holding Hyaluronic Acid, helping keep your skin from looking dull and thirsty. It also contains a brightening peptide complex to help your skin glow from within, instantly making you appear more awake.

4. Brighten Up

Brightening up is definitely what your face needs when you’re looking and feeling tired. All your dull skin needs is a little glow, and you’ll immediately feel better. Aside from using our HydraBalance Brightening Moisture Infusion™ moisturizer, apply a pretty highlighter or some concealer to help deflect any stubborn dullness.

If you’re going to use the makeup route to look more awake, a little will go a long way. Use just a dab of concealer only where you absolutely need it, and use a lightweight and moisturizing foundation, like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Layers of makeup finished off with a dusting of setting powder isn’t going to help the situation at all and will just make the tired-looking imperfections on your face stand out even more.

Another easy way to get a little glow to your face is good, ole’ sunshine. Of course, we don’t want to go overboard and want to stay safe by using quality sunscreen, but sometimes sunshine is just what our tired skin needs. Spending a few minutes outside can bring some warmth to your face, and your body will get a good dose of vitamin D.

Spending time outside will not only bring a sunshine glow to your face, but it will also awaken your senses and give you an overall feeling of wellbeing. Again, when you feel good, you’ll look good - and everyone will be able to see it on your face. Being outdoors will also help your body’s natural circadian rhythm, which is exactly what you need for our following remedy.

5. Get Some Rest

Finally, the best way to keep your face from looking tired is the obvious one - get more sleep. We know it isn’t always easy to get to bed at a time that allows us to get the recommended hours of sleep a night, but it’s a goal that we all could work on having.

Getting enough sleep every night allows your skin to recover from the day it had and helps retain moisture and protect against the day it will have tomorrow.

Tips for getting a good night’s sleep so you wake up looking refreshed:

  • Aim for a reasonable bedtime and try to keep it the same every night
  • Put your phone away, and don’t turn on that tv - blue light wires your brain keeping you awake
  • In the evening, stay hydrated with water or a caffeine-free cup of calming tea instead of caffeinated drinks
  • Use a silk pillowcase and sheets that are smoother and more gentle on your skin
  • Wind down with a relaxing nighttime beauty routine before bed A

ll these years, we’ve heard the term “beauty sleep,” and it really is something that we need to get as much of as possible!

No one wants to see the “You Look Tired” face when they walk into the bathroom in the morning. Some days, there’s just no getting around it - we don’t always wake up glowing. But with a few quick and easy tricks up your sleeve, you can be ready to wake up your face the next time you see a tired you looking back in the mirror.

By: Ivey Rogers Aesthetician Educator & Community
Engagement Manager