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Do you know how to choose the right products for your skin?

As an African American woman, I am completely aware of the things we are not taught when it comes to skin of color. We take the African American skin care regimen for granted. There are so many assumptions. For example, sunscreen not being a necessity for black skin. Where did we get that from!? Regular soap and water is fine maybe for some but this does not apply to us all.
Sis and bro… Let’s be great together. I want to share some tips on where to start to begin to choose the right products for you.

Three ethnically diverse women of various skintones with clear complexions

Know your skin type
First thing is, to narrow down your concerns, only you know what makes you feel good or bad about your skin. We all know that our confidence and smiles have a lot to do with our appearance and if we want to continue the glow up or get the glow we want, we need to decide what’s stopping it.

Do your research
Second thing is, after you narrowed down what you think the problems are (if that is dry, sensitive, acne prone skin with hyperpigmentation, etc.)  then the next step is to read up on the products you are considering, look at the ingredients and compare them to what has broken you out before. After you read for yourself. contact the company and ask for some recommendations so they can talk through your concerns with you and direct you to the right products for your skin.

Understand your lifestyle
Third after you’ve done your research on the products and you’re confident with your purchase, take a second to think about your lifestyle. Topical products will only take you as far as you allow them. What we put into our body will come out in one form or another, good or bad. The next time you have a breakout ask yourself what have you eaten, how much stress you’ve been under and how many times have you or someone else touched your face etc.

These are just a few things to consider when determining what’s going on with the beautiful skin we were giving. For recommendations just remember Urban Skin Rx is the industry’s leader for African American skin care!

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