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Back to Basics: My Journey Back to Confidence

Back to Basics: My Journey Back to Confidence

I started working for Urban Skin Rx two months before I found out that the love of my life had been cheating on me for the last 6 months of our relationship.  To say I was shocked is an understatement.  I was completely blindsided because he did not appear to be the cheating type.  He was an amazing boyfriend, did all the right things, made me feel adored and cherished, and he also happened to be living a double life with another girlfriend in a different city.  So right about now you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all my personal business and what it has to do with skin care; I promise I’ll connect the dots. 

My confidence was completely and utterly destroyed.

My heart wasn’t the only thing that got broken, my spirit had been broken too.  The only thing that saved me in those dark months were my friends, my family, and working at Urban Skin Rx.  I came to work every day and was surrounded and supported by strong women who slowly but surely made me feel like I was worth something again.  They reminded me of my beauty. 

When I first started working in the beauty industry I was conflicted.  Are we trying to sell the unattainable? Is perfection our message?  The more time I put into this job, the more I realized our message was something completely different than perfection, it was confidence.  Not one woman in this building is embarrassed to talk about their flaws.  You struggling with acne on your butt? Everyone here will know.  You hate your acne scars and dark marks? Let’s talk about it.  Are you thinking about getting fillers? You do you boo! I could talk about my physical flaws and my failed relationship without judgement.  They just listened, encouraged and accepted me.  Slowly but surely my confidence started to come back.  I was glowing again from the inside out (well, the Super C Serum helped too ).  I was re-learning what made me beautiful. We aren’t here to sell you perfect skin.  Perfection doesn’t exist.  As a company we are here to help you love the skin you’re in, and let’s be honest, acne, dark marks, and hyperpigmentation aren’t fun.  We love helping people correct and restore their skin. Testimonials from clients who tell us we’ve helped them gain their confidence back are EVERYTHING to us!  

Just know this: you’re not beautiful despite your flaws.  Your beauty has nothing to do with them!  Your beauty and your confidence truly comes from within.  You work on it from the inside - out, we’ll help you get there from the outside - in, and we’ll meet somewhere in the middle.

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