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Anal Bleaching: Everything You Need to Know

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Let’s be honest — most of us have, at some point, gotten one of those little pocket mirrors out and used them to look at our private parts. It’s one of the only parts of our bodies that we can’t really see. And, especially if you’re a woman, caring for the area between your legs is probably something you’ve put quite a bit of thought into.

Whether it’s shaving, waxing, epilating, vajazzling or just tending to routine medical needs, although we might not be able to see that area on the reg, it’s not easy to forget about.

But beyond basic grooming, how often do you actually think about the skin down there? And how often do you think about the skin around not just the front, but the back door, too...aside from that time you looked at it in the mirror. We’re talking to you if the answer to that question is actually fairly often because you don’t necessarily love what you see.

It’s important to note that it’s totally normal for the skin between your butt cheeks and around your anus to be a bit darker than your usual skin tone. It doesn’t mean your skin is dirty or that there’s anything wrong with it at all. It’s perfectly natural and doesn’t require fixing unless you’re unhappy with it.

If you are, and your moon is looking more “dark side of” than glowing and gorgeous, you might have started to explore the idea of anal bleaching to get the sun shining where the sun doesn’t shine. There’s a lot of information out there regarding anal bleaching, so it can be hard to figure out what you need to know and what you can discard. So let’s talk it out.

What Is Anal Bleaching?

Anal bleaching is, as it sounds, a treatment used to lighten the skin around your anus. It’s a pretty popular cosmetic procedure, and there are several different ways to go about it. But it is important, we think, to be very clear that it is just that: a cosmetic procedure.

The skin between your cheeks tends to be a bit darker naturally. This can be exacerbated for some of the same reasons you might experience hyperpigmentation in other areas of your body!

Areas that experience frequent friction, for example, are at risk for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Depending on how much junk you have in your trunk, or even depending on simple things like how often you wear tight-fitting pants, or the materials any clothing that comes into contact with that area are made from, your skin could end up a bit darker.

In general, if you’re squatting over a mirror judging yourself and noticing that your skin is a bit darker, it isn’t anything to worry about. It’s perfectly normal.

Why Would You Bleach Your Anus?

If bleaching your back door will make you feel confident, and beat back insecurity you’ve been harboring, then, by all means, it’s worth pursuing. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your skin and also that you’re safe on your way there.

Is Anal Bleaching Safe?

Anal bleaching is safe as long as it’s done correctly. Skin bleaching for cosmetic reasons is actually fairly common throughout the world, so it’s not exactly a new process, but not all methods of skin bleaching are side effect-free. Some negative effects of skin bleaching include dermatitis, blemishes, mercury poisoning, or even nephrotic syndrome, but these effects are largely tied to heavily-regulated ingredients.

Skin bleaching has sometimes received negative attention, but this cosmetic practice is designed for people of all skin tones and skin types who are looking to even out their complexion in more sensitive and intimate areas. However, if skin bleaching doesn’t seem like the right choice for you, that’s okay too, and it is always important to consult a professional before starting a new treatment regardless of your skin tone or type.

How Does Anal Bleaching Work?

Before you decide to try anal bleaching, the most important thing is to first speak to your doctor or dermatologist. If your hyperpigmentation in this area is significant, it’s important to make sure there isn’t any underlying condition to blame that you should treat.

Next, you’ll need to find a provider. Anal bleaching treatments can be found in all the usual places — salons, spas or even plastic surgery centers. Make sure you do your research, read some reviews and ensure that you’ll be comfortable on the day! No matter the situation, you never want to spread your cheeks for someone who doesn’t make you feel completely safe and confident in their abilities. (You know what we mean…)

There are two main procedures to look for. One is lightening the skin with a laser, as laser bleaching breaks down dark pigments. Breaking them down allows them to shrink in size and be dispersed by white blood cells. You may notice a difference after one treatment. But realistically, you’re looking at a few appointments with a laser professional.

If this sounds absolutely terrifying — or hilarious — you don’t need to worry too much. It’s a pretty straightforward procedure! It isn’t meant to hurt, although you might feel an occasional pang or a bit of heat. Skin lasering can cause irritation, and when done badly, can cause permanent skin damage… or even harm your all-important lady bits. So we’ll say it once again for emphasis: make sure you trust your provider!

You can also get your skin topically bleached using a cream, gel or even a chemical peel. This should be a decision you make with your provider to be sure you’re using the product that will be safest and most effective for your individual booty!

This is the other kind of anal for which you’ll want to be as clean and prepared as possible, so make sure you give everything a good scrub before your appointment. Keep sex to a minimum in the days leading up to your treatment to avoid any microtears, wear loose clothing so as not to irritate the area after, and maybe pop an over-the-counter pain killer ahead of time if you’re particularly sensitive. You’ll want to give your booty-hole similar treatment after the fact to keep any infection risk low.

Can You Do It On Your Own?

Yes, you can totally DIY your anal bleaching with a cream, gel or lotion. Make sure you patch test to be certain you’re not sensitive to any of the ingredients beforehand! If you’re going it alone, you’ll also want to pay special attention to the ingredients in the product you’re using.

Ingredients like Hydroquinone are increasingly thought to have negative side effects, including possible cancer-causing properties, although this hasn’t been confirmed in humans. If you want to play it safe, skip the Hydroquinone and look for products with ingredients like Tranexamic Acid, Kojic Acid, and Malic Acid, all of which have natural skin brightening properties and very low risk of negative side effects.

Depending on where you live, you may want to be cautious — brands made outside of the country you’re in don’t necessarily abide by the same guidelines as your home country, so you might end up with something you didn’t exactly bargain for.

All in all, you can get results performing anal bleaching on your own! But they’re not likely to be as effective as results from a professional service. And make sure you’re being very careful!

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve gotten to the bottom of the anal bleaching situation and set your expectations, we hope you feel a little more empowered when it comes to tackling this area of your body. You never need to change your skin tone if you don’t want to, and as we’ve said, the dark skin around your anus is entirely normal! But if it’s darkening your overall glow; anal bleaching is an option worth considering!
By: Ivey Rogers Aesthetician Educator & Community
Engagement Manager