Summer sun leading to dark spots?
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6 Ways to Protect Your Skin While Having Fun in the Sun

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It’s that time of year again - summertime! The dog days of summer promise long hours lounging in the sun and soaking in the pool. But before grabbing your beach towel and cold drinks, don’t forget about the most important sidekick for a day in the sun — your sunny day skin care products!

The harmful rays of the sun can cause burning, turn your skin oily, ruin your complexion and even cause irreversible skin damage. That’s why it’s essential to protect your skin before, during and after sun exposure. Here are six recommendations for protecting yourself in the summer sun.

1. Know your skin type

The most important tip for protecting your skin in the sun is to make sure you know your skin type. Is your skin super dry? Does your forehead (or T-zone) tend to get oily? To most effectively protect your skin, you need to find the sun care products best-suited for your skin type and complexion. Myth buster: sunscreen isn’t just for fairer skin — melanin-rich skin tones need to be protected from the sun, too.

2. Wear loads of protection

Even if you’re trying to catch a tan, you still need to make sure you’re protecting your skin from the harsh UVA/UVB rays of summer. Whether it’s an SPF 15 organic tanning oil or a moisturizer with SPF 30+, the key is to find a sunscreen product that’s right for your skin type.

The Complexion Protection Moisturizer​ SPF 30, for example, is perfect for a range of skin types. Whatever you choose, you’ll want to make sure to apply a generous amount and reapply at least every two hours.

3. Treat your face to something special

Your face is one of the most important skin surfaces on your body. That’s why you should give it a little extra TLC. Not only should you take time to find the right daily skin care routine for your face, but you should also find the right sun protection for it. For example, you can try an a​ll day sun protectant that’s designed to shield your skin from sun damage while also preventing the signs of aging.

4. Moisturize your skin beforehand

Already have a daily skincare routine? Plan on showering before visiting the pool? Make sure you take time to moisturize ​before y​ou head out into the sun. After your shower, continue with your usual routine and then go ahead and apply sunscreen. In fact, research suggests you should apply your sunscreen 15 minutes before you go outside.

5. Pay special attention to your bikini line

Time for a shave? Your bikini line, and maybe even your underarms, need a bit more attention than other areas you shave, especially if you’re prone to ingrown hairs. Razor irritation can increase the number of bumps/ingrown hairs in these sensitive areas. Grab products that will reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs while soothing and smoothing the look of your skin.

6. Take care of your skin after you leave the pool

Just because you’ve thrown in the towel on pool day doesn’t mean caring for your skin is over. You’ve been in the sun all day and depending on your skin type, you may feel dried out or oily. Not to mention, you might have missed a spot and find areas of sunburn. Inspect your skin when you get home to determine the next steps you need to take.

A healthy summer skincare routine doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Keep your essentials packed in a makeup bag and throw it in your carryall when you get ready to head to the pool or the beach.

For more skincare tips, check out the Urban Skin Rx product line serving all skin types and colors.

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