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Clearly amazing, simple tips to help clear up your acne!

Woman of fair complexion laying in bed holding a pillow and smiling

Our Acne Control Cleanser with 5% liquid benzoyl peroxide is our number one selling cleanser for acne-prone skin. Use it in combination with our Acne Control Spot Treatment and see quick results in your skin’s clarity and texture! Here’s another tip for blemish-free skin: From full blown acne to just a blemish now and again, you have the first step in getting rid of it right in your linen closet! Change your pillowcase EVERY night. Hair products, oil, leftover makeup and more soil your pillow, why would you want to lay your face on that? If you keep a fresh stack near your bed (so you don’t have an excuse not to do it) you’ll be one step closer to clear skin.

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