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Why you should NEVER sleep in your makeup


Woman laying tiredly in bed, with aging skin caused by sleeping in makeup


 It’s ok, we’re all guilty. Late night, you’re just getting home. With the lack of sleep and your bed in clear view the last thing you feel like doing is going to the sink and taking off your makeup. But, if you want that ‘I Woke Up Like This!’ fresh and glowing skin then cleansing your face is key; no matter how tired you are. Your skin goes into recovery mode at night; refreshing and regenerating itself as you sleep. So that means it’s super important that your skin is squeaky clean with NO makeup or impurities having a sleepover on your face.


What happens if I don’t remove my makeup before I go to bed?

Removing your make up properly is THE ONE step in your skincare routine that is an absolute must if you want that Instagram worthy clear and glowing skin #theglowisreal.

Sleeping in your makeup stops your skin from being able to renew and regenerate like it normally does overnight. When you’re asleep, the makeup that you were too tired to wash off will sink deeper into your pores, causing them to clog. We all know clogged pores lead to breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Not removing your makeup each night leaves your skin open to free radical damage. Free radicals can damage the skin by trying to grab an extra electron from atoms in the skin. When atoms are taken away from molecules in the skin, it causes damage to our skin's DNA that can speed along skin aging. This is called the "free radical theory of aging."

As free radicals in the environment cling on to your makeup throughout the day, leaving it on as you sleep exposes your skin to free radicals unnecessarily. After a long period of time, not washing off your makeup before you sleep can even result in the formation of microcomedone a.k.a early acne a.k.a the calm before the planet on your face; on the surface of your skin which attracts acne-causing bacteria to settle in your pores.

Even if you’re more on the natural-no-makeup side of the spectrum and simply wear a little mascara, bronzer, and lip gloss; it’s so important to cleanse your skin and remove all traces of makeup every single night. Sleeping in mascara with 9 times out of 10 irritate the eyes and can in some (a lot) cases lead to inflammation and sties.


How to remove your makeup

Cleansing is without a doubt the most important step in your skincare routine. Removing all traces of makeup, dirt and impurities on your skin is so important when you are hoping to improve and boost your complexion. Now you’ve got to choose the best cleanser that suits your skin type and skincare needs.

It’s always a good idea when removing your makeup at night to double cleanse. The benefit of double cleansing is that the first time cleansing your skin will break down any makeup, remove dirt and excess oils from the day and clean your skin. The second time cleansing your skin will address your particular skin type or concern and should have ingredients to hydrate, smooth or exfoliate and/or treat acne.

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