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Inclusive Clinical Skincare
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What Is the Skin of Color Society?

Four unrecognizable diverse women holding to each other.

Did you know?

Recent data states that only 3% of dermatologists are Black (compared to 13% of the population) and 4.2% are Latinx (compared to 16% of the population), making it the second-least diverse specialty after orthopedics.

In a 2011 U.S. survey, 47% of dermatologists and dermatology residents reported that their medical training was inadequate in training them on skin conditions in Black people.

A 2018 study showed that only 4.5% of pictures in four major general medicine textbooks featured dark skin, whereas 13.4% of people in the U.S. identify as Black according to the 2019 census.

If those numbers don’t paint a picture that the field of dermatology has a problem, what does?

Urban Skin Rx® was founded in 2010 by Rachel Roff because of numbers just like these. While working as an aesthetician, she experienced firsthand the disparities that exist when it comes to treating skin of color, ultimately dedicating her career to make a difference. This commitment led to the creation of a clinical skincare brand for diverse skin tones that not only addresses the unique concerns that people of color face when it comes to their skin, but also lends itself to being a voice for the underrepresented in far greater ways.

One way that Urban Skin Rx® seeks to advocate and serve is by partnering with, donating to and spreading awareness of organizations that align with our core mission and values of creating a world where we can all love the skin we’re in. And one of those organizations is the Skin of Color Society.

What is the Skin of Color Society?

We’re glad you asked! Established in 2004, the Skin of Color Society’s purpose is to spread awareness and education around skin of color in the field of dermatology. That’s right, this organization is actively fighting to close the gap on the figures we presented at the start!

The Society is dedicated to:

  • Understanding that as our nation continues to change, skin complexions are changing and the need for diversified healthcare is critical for our future.
  • Conducting and sharing research to advance both basic science and clinical investigations to meet the needs of the expanding skin of color population.
  • Ensuring that healthcare providers and the general public are well-versed on health issues related to those with skin of color.
  • Partnering with dermatologists nationally and internationally, professional medical organizations, corporate and industry groups and the community at large to ensure success in serving all individuals with skin of color.
  • Providing a forum for the crucial exchange of information related to skin of color.
  • Providing collaborative opportunities between established members of the community in the field of dermatology and those seeking mentorship on skin of color.
  • Promoting an increase in the field of dermatological study and literature related to skin of color.

Whew! Now that’s an organization we are proud to support and with whom we join arms in the fight to make a difference in diversifying the dermatology/skincare industries and beyond.

To learn more about other non-profit organizations we love, please visit the Non-Profits We Support.