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Take Your Skincare Routine on the Road

Travel size cosmetic bottles all varying in size and color, laying flat

Picture it. You’re prepping for an upcoming holiday trip or vacation. You’re going through your list and you realize you haven’t considered how you’re going to keep up with your skincare routine while you’re away.

A quick search for a vacation checklist shows that most people will end up packing their toiletry bags last. That’s why items like toothpaste, sunscreen and lip balm are often absent when you finally set everything out on a hotel bathroom counter. Not to mention, last-minute fliers in a rush to pack may forget carry-on security screen limitations.

Whether you’re a well-prepared traveler who’s worried about packing extra products or an unprepared traveler who made the mistake of forgetting the rules, your skincare routine shouldn’t fall by the wayside when you’re trying to get your Glow Up on vacation!

The benefits of travel-sized skincare products

Still not convinced that you’re in need of travel-sized skincare products? Think again. Consider the following benefits before you start shopping for your next vacation.

  • Maintain your routine. The most important benefit to making sure you take your skincare products with you everywhere you go is that you can maintain your routine. For those of us with sensitive skin, we can’t afford to drop our routines for a day, let alone weeks at a time. Avoid major breakouts or blemishes when you’re on vacation by making them a priority.
  • Avoid replacement. Planning to pack a carry-on? After spending hundreds of dollars on your skincare or beauty products, the last thing you want to hear from a TSA agent is that you have to throw away every liquid, aerosol, gel, cream or paste container weighing over 3.4 ounces. (I’ve personally fallen victim to this situation and I can tell you, the tears were real.)
  • Save space. Whether your travel companion is a carryon or a suitcase, travel-sized skincare products are guaranteed to save space. Some of us have five or more products we use for our day/night routines respectively. A smaller sized item will afford you significantly more room.
  • Smaller size = less money. It’s true, skincare products can be expensive. After all, sometimes beauty comes at a cost. However, smaller-sized products means you won’t feel as guilty when you’re at the checkout counter.

Find a USRX travel kit that’s right you

There’s good news! If you’re a fan of Urban Skin Rx, we have the perfect answer to your traveling challenges. We offer the following travel-sized skincare kits in order to build out your travel toiletry bag:

  1. Struggle with even skin tone? The Dark Spot and Even Tone Essentials Travel Kit is the perfect addition to your toiletry bag. This kit features some of USRX’s customer favorites for combating and improving the look of uneven skin tone. And if you’re a fan of our Even Tone Supplements, up the ante by getting the Dark Spot and Even Tone Essentials Travel Kit + Supplements instead.
  2. If your skin tends to always feel dry, a weekend getaway without your skincare products isn’t the best idea. Instead, add the Dry Skin Blemish Control Travel Kit to your packing checklist. Dry skin, fine lines, dark marks or blemishes will appear under control whether you're going for three days or three weeks!
  3. Does your oily skin cause breakouts that leave behind dark marks? Clarify your skin with the Oil and Dark Spot Control Travel Kit. This dual-action toiletry dream will help you reduce the appearance of breakouts and blemishes leaving your skin feeling bright before you head to the beach to soak up some sun.

While these containers or tubes may look small, their benefits are anything but travel-sized! Discover how traveling with your skincare products can help you maintain your routine on-the-go before you start packing for your next road trip or vacation.

Side note: Even if you don’t purchase one of our kits or other travel-sized product, you can purchase travel-sized containers to put your favorite products in.

For more tips on maintaining flawless skin no matter where you are, be sure to visit Urban Skin Rx’s Glow-Up Guide often.