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Skin 101: How to Determine Your Skin Type

Three smiling women of different ethnicities, displaying three different skin types

Let’s face it, not all of us can be skincare experts, which is why figuring out how to determine our skin type can be so incredibly difficult. Another problem is that when we do give it a shot, most of us end up misdiagnosing, which often results in using the wrong products. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this article, our Melanin Experts™ outline the skin type categories you should know about, how to care for each and how they can help you if you’re still stuck.

So, let’s chat about the skin types because a refresher never hurt anybody:

  • Oily skin - skin with excess oil, which most commonly appears throughout the T-zone. The T-zone refers to the area that encompasses the forehead, nose and chin on the face. Oily skin tends to look shiny, feel greasy and is prone to breakouts.
  • Dry skin - skin that is generally rough, scaly, flaky, itchy or irritated and often looks and feels dehydrated.
  • Combination skin - skin that can be both oily and dry at the same time. For example, the forehead, chin and nose may appear oily or greasy, but the cheeks may feel rough and appear dry or flaky.
  • Normal skin - good for you! (and we’re not jealous at all...) Skin is well-balanced, meaning it’s neither oily or dry.
  • Sensitive skin - this skin type varies from person to person; however, it is often characterized by redness, inflammation or flakiness after product exposure. It’s essential to consult a dermatologist if you experience sensitivity that can’t be seen on the surface of your skin.

Consult our experts about your skin type

Still not sure which skin type you have? At Urban Skin Rx®, you have multiple options to find out.

Our Skin Analysis Quiz is a straightforward questionnaire that assists in determining your skin type to make things easier for our glowgetters™. All you have to do is answer the series of questions that follow after clicking the link above and we will provide you with a Skin ID and a custom skincare recommendation, plus up to 20% off!.

After you’ve taken the Skin Analysis Quiz, if you still have questions and wish to speak to a skincare expert, you can:

  • Live chat with us by clicking the "chat now" tab below
  • Contact us via phone (980) 221-1200
  • Email to discuss your results further
  • Shoot us a Direct Message on Instagram @urbanskinrx

PROTIP: If you really want to gain the best insight into your skin type, you should make an appointment with a licensed dermatologist!

For other information, education and resources on maintaining your melanin-rich glow, check back on The Glow-Up Guide often!