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Are My Shampoo or Body Products Causing Acne?


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In our last blog post, we talked about the frustrating experience of dark marks that can result from acne. There’s actually another frustrating experience that happens before that... it’s when you first notice the breakout. Sometimes it feels like it happens on our face at the absolute worst time, like before a big event. Breakouts can happen elsewhere on the body too. Sometimes it looks more like a rash. In these moments, I usually ask myself (and sometimes Google!) “What caused this?” because I know stress, hormones, allergies, or bad practices in my skincare routine can be big contributors. But there are several other reasons we experience body breakouts.

The Effect of Shampoo and Hair Products on Your Skin

One culprit you should consider is your shampoo if you have unexplained breakouts. Shampoo can cause breakouts by either:

● Irritating the skin

● Clogging pores

● Or causing an allergic reaction because of one of its ingredients

You may have to glance at the back of your shampoo bottle to get a little more information. For many people, the oilier the hair product the more likely it will clog their pores by trapping bacteria. Sulfates are in many non-organic shampoos and help give it that soapy, sudsy feeling. But it can irritate sensitive skin. If you’re one of my fellow sensitive skin sisters, those sulfates can also clog your pores and cause acne. This is why you may hear many brands boast that they are sulfate-free.

Just like the food we put inside our body can affect so many areas and aspects of our body, same goes for what we put ON it. But you may not realize how easily your shampoo gets on the rest of your body. When you rinse it out of your hair it’s practically impossible for it not to drip down every inch of you. When you sleep, your hair products rub on your sheets and pillow covers, and they can transfer onto your skin.

The main way to know if your shampoo is contributing to your body breakouts is by trial and error and intentional observation. If you haven’t been able to escape the breakout for a while, trying a different shampoo for a bit might be the best experiment. However, some people see breakouts right along their hairline which is a more obvious sign that their shampoo is doing the harm.

Here are just a few other tips to protect your skin from your shampoo. In the shower, wash your hair first so that you can clean off your face and body from any leftover shampoo residue. Consider wrapping your hair when you sleep so it’s not directly touching your sheets. And don’t be afraid to take a look at the back of your shampoo bottle. If you don’t like what you see, after doing a little research you can find a better one, especially if it has more natural ingredients. A breakout is not the end of the world. But you shouldn’t have to just accept it. Be intentional with your skin and we believe you’ll see positive results.

By: Alea Petersen 

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