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How Working Out Can Benefit Your Skin

African American woman exercising in the plank position overlooking a city in a valley

Has working from home and the closing of gyms altered your physical fitness plans? A lot of us may have taken advantage of the sedentary lifestyle that resulted from COVID-19. But as we enter a new year, it’s time to get back to pursuing our fitness goals. And guess what? Even your skin will thank you!

That’s right, working out doesn’t just benefit your physique and mental health, it can also boost your glow and overall skin appearance.

5 skin benefits of regular exercise

While we can’t ensure your daily workout will produce the perfect bum or six-pack we all dream of, regular physical activity can positively affect your skin by:

  1. Promoting healthy circulation - Sure, we’ve all heard that working out improves your cardiovascular system, but what does that have to do with your skin? When you increase your blood flow, oxygen and other nutrients are carried to working cells throughout your body, including your skin cells! Increased oxygen flow can then lead to a healthier and brighter-looking complexion.
  2. Flushing out impurities - By getting active, getting your heart rate up and increasing your blood flow, you’ll most likely work up a good sweat. While you may not feel you look your best when you’re sweating, there’s good news! When you sweat, your pores open up, which helps to expel trapped dirt and oil.
  3. Improving sleep patterns - When you commit to regular exercise, your body releases a stress hormone called Cortisol, which can impede a good night’s rest. When your sleep pattern is thrown off, your skin’s repair cycle and circulation are disrupted which can lead to dull, pale-looking skin - creating the perfect environment for dark circles, puffy under-eye bags and a dim overall complexion.
  4. Reducing stress and anxiety - When you’re stressed you may find that you break out more often or that you have difficulty sleeping, both of which can have a negative impact on your overall appearance. Making time for a daily workout will boost your mood and endorphins to reduce stress and anxiety.
  5. Boosting your glow - Has anyone ever complimented you on your “glow” following a workout? They weren’t lying! The glow is created by a combo of increased blood flow/circulation, a dewy appearance from sweat and endorphins released during exercise.

Don’t let a sedentary lifestyle block your glow! Get moving and experience for yourself all the benefits exercise can have on your mood, health and skin. Be mindful that if you have pre-existing skin conditions such as persistent acne, rosacea or eczema you should shower immediately after working out so that you don’t exacerbate your condition. And if you’re planning on working out during the daytime outside, make sure you lather on your sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher!

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